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The main concern of a bride when it comes about the big day is surely her appearance, her wedding gown. This is representative for a bride, a symbol for this. But it is not easy at all to take such decisions, about how to look, what style to have and so on. Among these concerns another question raises: is it not better to make the dress on special order to a seamstress than to buy it from a store and reverse order.
Seamstress wedding gown is the alternative for already done dresses, the ones that you can find in the stores. Many brides consider that recurring to a dress made on order they have the chance to personalize the dress, to make it of a unique pattern. Consequently, they fell like they contribute as well to the design of the bridal gown.

On the other side, even if the bridal gown is the one that you buy from a store, already done, you still have to keep your personal style to find the proper dress for you. In other words, it is not something imposed but something that you choose because you like. Equal score so far.

Going further, another advantage about a seamstress wedding gown can be as well the money aspect. You know clearly and from the very beginning what material it is used, what is necessary for the dress to be done and the emolument for the seamstress is way too low in comparison with the price for a dress part of a collection.

Moreover, to recur to a seamstress to make your wedding gown is the perfect choice you can make in case you are the kind of irresolute bride. It is a well known fact that future brides are confused and due to such a wide range of options they do not know what to choose. Consequently, you have the opportunity to combine various styles, many aspects all together and so to have your own ells, your own creation.

Not only this, but in many cases the size of the dress is a fixed one. By this I mean that they are precise numbers and if you want  a little bit larger, a half of size reduced and so on you have just one way: to recur to a seamstress.

Now, even though I have exemplified what are the advantages of recurring to this method many brides can still be not quite convinced. It may be the fact that you are not confident about the final result. Well, until it is ready you have to pass through a long period of probation. At almost every step the seamstress has to put the dress on you to see how it will look like. And this is another advantage as you can modify it at every step. So, your conclusion is what: the seamstress method or just shopping style?11

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