Scuba Diver Wedding Cake Topper

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Married couples know how people feel before the wedding day. There are all kinds of emotions, such as: excitement, joy, impatience,  that can fill the hearts of all.  Nothing compares to the feeling that all will be solved eventually, and will remain with their loved one. It’s like a dream come true, in finding the perfect partner. Of course, there is also the trust in the ability to organize and celebrate the wedding of your dreams. Every couple wants to celebrate the first day of being together in the best possible way. This is why the couple must do so, that this day to be unforgettable by choosing a perfect theme for the wedding …

Are you passionate about swimming and the sea in general? You like to dive and swim under water? Then scuba diving is for you! Diving gives you the chance of discovery a whole new universe, the fish, the lakes, marine flora and fauna. Scuba diving can be defined as a sport in the first phase of swashbuckling thrills and followers, but after a thorough analysis of the effects that this activity has on the psyche of the practitioner, scuba diving may fit the category of therapy. Also a scuba diver wedding cake topper can transmit in your wedding day your passion for this hobby.

As a team sport in which you can reveal another state living environment, and experience weightlessness, scuba diving helps you to manage your emotions, so that you overcome your fears and obstacles. Once the specific emotions of a new activity experiencing are controlled so as to install a state of equilibrium, the deep silence and lack of gravity helps to relieve stress and invigoration of the spirit. As a method of self-awareness and identification of thoughts and desires to help achieve the objectives, scuba diving is a sport that uses an universal language and is involving the partners from sinking a transfer of trust and responsibility.

Wedding on the beach – is the coolest choice to celebrate the first day in the life of a couple .. Wedding couple on the beach, offers great freedom in the implementation of creativity. The beach is perfect for the solemn ceremony. The beauty of nature itself provides an ideal background. Beach also is about romance and peace, making this solemn celebration be filled with love.

Here are some ideas that you may find useful to have a perfect wedding:

Pick the perfect time of day when you feel the happiest. Best choice is between sunrise and sunset. Sunset can provide a romantic atmosphere. Each of these choices will provide the perfect backdrop for the video. Imagine a romantic ceremony with the attractive colors of the sun in the background.

It can be an adventure wedding, meaning “a scuba diving wedding“. You can rent costumes and ornaments suited to this type of event. Guests can enjoy some activities and after the party they can surf the water to get a romantic final. Don’t forget about the scuba diver wedding cake topper!

If you want to have fun at the wedding, the beach will be a good place to execute the plan. You can give a nice party on the beach, which will allow attendees to engage in various activities. Many brides dream of being brought in front of the groom into beautiful horse-drawn carriage… A beach wedding allows you all. You can also include in the wedding program opportunities to lies on the beach, when the guests feel worn out, which you can not do in a local.11

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  1. Katie

    July 27, 2011 at 2:03 am

    I love your blog. Thank you for posting! Where in the world did you get the adorable SCUBA / kilt wedding topper. My fiancé is from Scotland and we are avid divers. Would love to get it for our cake. Thank you so much!

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