Scottish Wedding Toasts

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A wedding toast should be planned in advance if you want to impress everyone. The key to a successful wedding toast is being organized. If you don’t know where to start, you should browse Scottish toast samples and read a few of these toasts. This might give you a great idea to start your toast or something original to end it. You should start writing a draft first and then connect whichever phrases and words you have in mind. It is always a good idea to start with a joke. If you don’t know which kind of joke to use, start off with one about marriage. There are plenty you can find online. Write or one two on your index card and try to learn them by heart.

The jokes are not the only thing you have to learn by heart. The whole toast needs to be memorized. Once you have said the jokes to light up the mood, you can skip to the part about how the bride and groom met. If you know both of them for a very long time, you can tell everyone that you always knew they will end up together. Tell them they are a match made in heaven and that as long as they love one another, their marriage will last the test of time. You can also talk about your relationship with the bride and groom and how you also met. Just make sure you get to the point and you don’t put them on the spot.

Scottish Wedding Toasts

Scottish Wedding Toasts (Photo by: Lynell)

Whatever story you wish to tell the guests about the two of them, make sure it’s nothing anything too embarrassing. You can joke all you want and talk about whichever romantic tales and experiences you think are relevant, but always keep eye contact with the bride and groom. They have to be your main focus. Try not to be nervous because this will show. Forget about your emotions and do the job right. End with a  few traditional Scottish quotes and sayings which you can use from the internet. When saying these wishes raise your champagne glass and invite everyone to do the same so you can drink for happiness and a long lasting marriage.


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