Rustic wedding bouquets San Francisco

Wedding Decorations | March 25 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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If you’re planning on going country style or western on a San Francisco wedding, perhaps one of the rustic wedding bouquets that we’re presenting you here on this page can make a gorgeous source of inspiration for your own bouquet.

No matter the location of the wedding – San Francisco or Hawaii, we think that a wildflower wedding bouquet or a more vibrant flower arrangement can really help you step out of the crowd and enhance the natural beauty of your bridal look. The majority of the brides today are looking for innovative ways to compose their wedding bouquet or unconventional types of wedding bouquets already made to suit the contemporary unique and vanguardist bride.

Planning a bridal bouquet that’s more original, authentic and perhaps personalized is a great way to differentiate yourself from the brides crowds and break the anonymousness that defines in general traditional brides. Don’t go white if you don’t feel like, or don’t use roses if you find them unattractive, too classical and predictable.

Fell free to explore more colors, more types of flowers that you haven’t thought of till now to be suitable for a wedding. The choices are numberless and the wedding bouquet it has to be just one. The one! We are happy to provide you with more info and images on rustic wedding bouquets in order to help you choose according to the exact theme of your wedding and to your personal vision, style and sense of beauty and elegance.

We think that rustic wedding bouquets look great on western themed weddings, on country side style weddings, on bohemian or hippie kind of weddings, on forest location weddings or on any other type of wedding booked for a natural location.

Don’t follow the same everyday path in composing the bouquet by choosing the most popular flowers that you can see incorporated more often in weddings. Consider a Billy Ball wedding bouquet, a pansies wedding bouquet, a wedding bouquet made from lilies of the valley, narcissuses or daffodils, chamomiles, wheat ears, freesias, lavender, dahlias, ranunculus, peonies, amaryllis, stephanotis, gardenias, sweet peas, lotus, tuberoses, magnolias, hibiscus, asters, mums, delphiniums, zinnias, cosmos, gerbera daises or lisianthus.

You can also opt for a rustic wedding bouquet made from roses or carnations as long as you use them in the right colors and arrangements and with the right accesories (feathers, cones, branches, brooches, etc.). Even a roses wedding bouquet can look provocative, remarkable, modernly romantic and outstanding, if you use another unpopular flower or a different color that is less visible in weddings when it comes to roses.

The most suitable color palette for a rustic wedding bouquet can be composed of colors like creamy white, eggplant, antique white, purple, light violet, dark pink or burgundy, magenta or mauve, light blue, navy blue, cream, beige, chocolate brown, bright yellow and burnt orange, champagne, ivory, pale pink, blush, scarlet red, gold, sage green, lime green or forest green.11

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