Round cut three stone diamond wedding rings

Wedding Party | February 17 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

The round cut three stone diamond wedding ring will always make a more fascinating and a more remarkable alternative to all those classic diamond solitaire wedding rings.
This style that we are presenting in this article is definitely a more contemporary choice for the modern brides who are not willing to invest in a diamond wedding ring that looks similar to another’s or that is very popular. Nevertheless, the three stone style is more than a modern alternative to the traditional diamond solitaire style, but also a more meaningful and personal choice. Compared to other diamond wedding rings that are rather beautiful and upstanding than meaningful and symbolical, the three stone style has a deeper meaning that is related to the tree dimensions of time, life and love: past, present future.

That is why we recommend so warmly this type of ring to all the brides interested in wearing something more original and still precious and meaningful. We’ve chosen the round shape for this type of diamond wedding ring because it is the most romantic, feminine, delicate, refined and dainty cut that a bride – modern or traditional can choose.

Compared to other types of diamond cuts, like emerald, princess or marquise and oval, the round one is the most popular and the most sensual of all. It can work excellent for romantic kind of brides who always wanted to wear a diamond wedding ring with a modern twist and flair.

Now, even this unique style can be found in a myriad of designs, depending on the formality and the main features or purposes of the ring. For example, if the glowing highly sparkling look is what you’re interested in then you might want to go with a round cut three stone diamond wedding ring set with a pave pattern all over the band. This way the ring will appear even more brilliant, brighter and more sophisticated or glamorous than the others. This style can make a wonderful choice for brides who are not stressed at work or who don’t live a busy active life.

The life style and the profession of each bride in part can determine or influence somehow the final look or aspect of the wedding ring. For example, if you do know that your daily activities can affect the structure, the integrity or the stone of the ring then you’d better choose a set that will protect the diamond as better as possible, or a pattern or a design that can’t be damaged or ruined very easy. Make sure that you pick the best design and style for the rest of your life and not for the only for the wedding day. The pave set is not recommended for brides who have a more solicitant and provocative life style.11

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