Rose Wedding Cakes

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After your wedding date is set you start feeling butterflies in your belly, no, not those butterflies, the ones that you have because you are excited about the biggest wonderful day of your life is coming up. Although it is almost half of a year till then you still have the thrills. You are about to plan how your wedding dress will look like, your jewelry, your flowers, and, of course the big sensation of the evening …your wedding cake!  And it is a sensation, since your wedding gown and your walking down the aisle has long passed and the surprise moment has been consumed, at the wedding reception there is yet another surprise to come.

Together with your future husband you begin browsing the websites in a long quest for your wedding cake. You have established already the theme for your wedding ceremony; it is a floral theme, and to be more specific, a rose themed wedding. You have decided on these particular flowers because you have met your lover on a Valentine’s Day and it is known that red roses are par excellence this day’s flowers symbol. Though you have heard so many people that they are fed up with this type of flower, they are still an inspiration to you, showing elegance, beauty and carrying the everlasting symbol of love, mainly love, and following this symbol there are other symbols that depend on the color of the roses. So, for now you have a starting point and you can narrow your area of quest limiting yourself only to rose wedding cakes.

rose-wedding-cakesFrom the internet sites you find out that purple, coral and orange are the colors that compete with the red of your Valentine roses, thus purple roses mean that the one who gives them has fallen in love with the person to receive them, and the coral and orange roses symbolize desire. Then the other meanings follow: yellow roses for joy and friendship, pink roses for gratitude and appreciation, and the white roses meaning reverence and humility.

And an idea pops in your mind: what if you have the roses sorted by the color and use them in the specific moment of the wedding that goes with the meaning of the roses? You could use the red roses for your bridal bouquet, the yellow roses for the bridesmaids bouquets, white roses while dancing with your father on the dance floor and pink, orange and coral roses to decorate your wedding cake.

The websites are so generously displaying rose wedding cakes, in a variety of decorations and types of the cake; 2, 3, 4, 5 tiers wedding cake with roses falling in cascade, roses adorned with Swarowski crystal to add a touch of elegance to the rose, as if it needed (!), fresh roses used as toppers to complement the refinement of a decoration, different colored ribbons attached to the roses to bring a note of joy, and the examples are endless. After the selection part is over you are left with the only desire to get your wedding started and enjoy the moment when you and your husband share a slice from your rose wedding cake.11

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