Rosanna Perrone Wedding Dresses II

Wedding Dresses | November 11 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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This is the second article that we write on Rosanna Perrone wedding dresses and we are happy to be able to present you more beautiful pieces from her 2011 bridal collection here on our website. So, if you’re interested or just curious to see more gorgeous styles created by this designer, you should definitely look for the other article that we have on this topic.


We like this wonderful collection because it contains both white and colorful designs. The majority of the gowns made by Rosanna come in a lavish and ample ball gown or A-line silhouette and this is why we recommend this collection especially to the sophisticated type of brides or to those of you who want to wear something more pompous or elaborated.

These ideal dresses here can make fabulous attire selections for the princess type of brides who are going for the fairy-tale type of wedding, although planned in a more contemporary and chic way. We have many other posts on various princess or full skirt wedding dresses that can make excellent choices or inspirational designs for hose of you who are planning a modern romantic look!

We are convinced that after a few minutes on our website you will be able to find something appropriate and also attractive for your own wedding! As we said before, one of the hottest or strongest points of these Rosanna Perrone wedding dresses is the color palette used for some of the models.

And the predominant nuance imaged or envisioned by this designer for her romantic dresses is purple! This color is one of the trendiest ones when it comes to wedding dresses, wedding flower arrangements and wedding cakes today! We love purple because it is sensual, feminine, refined, ultra romantic, dainty, classy, nonchalant, seductive and vibrant.

You will surely look ravishing and mesmerizing in one of these purple-accent Rosanna Perrone wedding dresses! The purple nuance used as accent for these gowns is a deep mauve that looks even more mystical, magical and whimsically romantic on the white ample silhouettes!

We like the creative pleats, the artistic patterns, the big ruffles, the rich details, the modern textures and the flower appliqués made for the majority of these sublime gowns. You can also find a few flower inspired silhouettes that look even more sensual, luxurious and extravagant! Tell us which of these models you would choose for your own charming look!11

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