Rock And Roll Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | March 18 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Rock and Roll is a genre of popular music that appeared in US during the 50s, having the origin in the genres of the music that were present at that time: rhythm and blues, folk, gospel, jazz, blues. Lately it has evolved into what is known today as “rock music”. The classic rock and roll uses as instruments two electric guitars, a string bass and a drum kit. In its earlier times rock and roll used either the piano or saxophone as leading instrument, due to the influence of jazz, but meanwhile they got replaced by the guitar. The impact of this style of music was huge, it influenced lifestyles, attitudes, fashion and even language.

If you are the rock and roll kind of person and the one you are going to marry loves this music, too, then Rock and Roll is the best theme to choose for your wedding ceremony. The theme is rich in ideas and original elements can be included, these elements giving a note of uniqueness to your wedding. The theme, due the style of music that it represents, is not so demanding, in terms of sophistication. You don’t need to wear as a wedding dress, one of those gowns that can be pretty expensive and rich in fabrics, and fluffy, a style that doesn’t represent you at all. This themed wedding party has written casualty all over it, so you don’t have to worry in case something is going bad, which won’t happen, of course, but just saying “in case”…

rock-and-roll-wedding-invitationsGoing through the details of planning the wedding, cause you will need to organize it, one way or another, you will stumble first of how your wedding invitations will look like. Because Rock and Roll is very generous with its fans, a lot of ideas will pop up into your mind and beside, there are plenty of websites to put your imagination at work, in case you might have some lack of inspiration. This could happen, who knows?

Rock and Roll wedding invitations come in a variety of interesting ideas; for instance, you can imagine your invitation in the shape of a rock concert ticket – as a rock’n’roll fan you must have in the house some tickets kept from your beloved rock band’s concerts, tickets to remind you of those times. So you can take them and use them as a source of inspiration while creating your wedding cards; you can personalize the words used on the ticket with your names written in different wild Font characters, thus obtaining invitations at not so high costs; other brilliant idea (though it may be a little bit more expensive) is using vinyl-disks of a rock band that is of a certain significance to you both and have the cover personalized with your names and details of the wedding ceremony. Or you can print out invitations having on the front page the image of a juke-box next to a guitar – what can be more descriptive?

As it is mentioned above, ideas come in thousands, you just have to decide which one to pick up, because it has to be THE one that satisfies you both in its relevancy.11

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