Red Wedding Gown

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This red wedding gown is for the daring brides. Wearing this colorful wedding dress will certainly impress everyone with the elegance and fine style.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

This wedding dress is a combination between the mermaid dress type and A line style. The uniqueness of this model is made by the folds of the skirt and the very well defined corset, especially at the top.

A brilliant colorful wedding dress! It is trying to be with embroidered veil and is giving an easy old times air to your wedding. The violet shines and has a pompous look, with roses applied on the side of the skirt, well defined by these layers.

This pink wedding dress brings a feeling of freshness, an air of romance to your wedding day. The pink veil inserted marks the special line of the cut, and the belt applied is highlighting a very beautiful corset which is decorated with lance.

A cream wedding dress for a modern and a refined bride for which the details are important. The corset is embroidered and highlighted by the belt on the waist. The best quality tafta and a very rich imagination, with these elements the designers created this beautiful and unique wedding gown.

This wedding dress is a classic A line but it is personalized with lance all over the whole colored dress and also the belt which is giving a romantic air.

Another colorful dress but very special one. The brides with a strong personality can try this dress because they will impress with this elegant black embroidery.

It is a dress only for the brides who know exactly what they want. If you want to be seductive and unforgettable, choose this wedding dress, which is made from metal tafta. It is one piece dress and the waist accessory together with the folds of the skirt, definitely individualize this dress. Watch the dress picture, you will see what I mean.

This wedding dress is tailored specifically for the daring ladies. The passion of the designers for beauty and your personality they will definitely combine when you will wear this colorful wedding dress and you will feel like a true queen.

This wedding dress is tailored from simple pastel pink tafta, but it takes our attention thru the asymmetrical cut used at the corset area and the waist.

This wedding dress is tailored from 2 parts, corset and skirt, made from tafta and being creped. These kind of wedding dresses are made for the strong women who do not need top many details and accessories.

This is a great wedding dress!  The romantic ladies will definitely choose it. To be out of the ordinary, this wedding dress has over itself a final layer of embroidered veil colored in pastel pink.

Another beautiful red wedding dress, which emphasizes the silhouette line. The applied strasses on the corset and on the skirt is making from this beautiful dress, a worthy dress for a queen.


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