Red Rose Wedding Table Centerpieces

Wedding Decorations | March 31 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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Red remains one of the most powerful and romantic colors for weddings, although many other whimsical or darker tones are in vogue today. For instance, the purple theme is considered “the new red” nowadays in weddings because it is more sensual, vibrant and refined. The type of romanticism pleaded for today is the one that is also sexy and seductive. And the plum, the aubergine, the magenta or the violet nuances are regarded as romantically seductive colors that can fit a modern wedding.


But returning to our red theme, we should mention that this color is back trend after a long time of pausing, with new forces and proposals. The designers today like to use the dark tones of red which are relatively more whimsical and therefore more appealing and interesting. The dark magic roses are the flower assortments used for the beautiful decorations we’re showing here. These centerpieces look divine and they can definitely fit both the classic and the modern types of weddings.

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress With Colored Flowers (Source:

Red Rose Wedding Table Centerpieces (Source:

Many still think that the red roses are a traditional choice that can’t suit a modern wedding anymore. We say that these types of flowers can look just as glamorous and fashionable as any other type of trendy bouquet if used with imagination, flair and style. These red rose wedding table centerpieces look high class, elegant and fancy. They are created with a lavish design that can make a wonderful selection especially for formal receptions planned indoors.

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress With Colored Flowers (Source:

Red Rose Wedding Table Centerpieces (Source:

The garden roses are the assortments recommended by specialists and florists for outdoors weddings in general. These magic roses are more adequate for the extravagant types of ceremonies and receptions that take place inside the doors, in luxurious locations. As you can see in the images, the blooms are placed in glass vases and bowls of square and rectangle shapes. This geometrical style adds more drama and contrast to the refinement of the red roses, creating a more impressive and outstanding design for the wedding.

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress With Colored Flowers (Source:

Red Rose Wedding Table Centerpieces (Source:

The first centerpiece is composed of bright red roses and crimson eucalyptus leaves. The entire arrangement is placed in a transparent glass vase and it is beautified with a satin ribbon that fits the theme and the décor. You can use white roses or even blue assortments if you are still not satisfied with the way the red color fits the type of wedding you’re planning.


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  1. brandie crouch

    March 28, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    do u know the size of the vase in the first picture plus the other flowers. i would love my florist to be able to design this for my wedding center peices

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