Purple Wedding Cake Toppers

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The weddings today are more and more colorful. The traditional wedding cake has been replaced by colorful wedding cakes. It depends on the preferences what color you choose, but nothing is extravagant, you can have your wedding cake in any color you want in red, pink, blue, green, orange or purple, in any color combination you want.

We all know that purple is associated with nobility so its the perfect color for such a special event like your wedding. Since ancient times colors has been used for specific purposes and purple always been a fascinating color used by royalty and spiritual leaders. Purple is also the color used in meditation. If you want to add luxury, wealth and sophistication into your wedding choose purple decorations, purple flowers and a purple wedding cake. Whether you want your wedding cake to be decorated with purple flowers or you want purple fondant there are many ideas you can use and on different websites you can find inspirational ideas.

Purple Wedding Cake Toppers

Purple Wedding Cake Topper from 4.bp.blogspot.com

Purple goes well with other colors, you can use different shades of purple, or purple and white, purple and black, or any other combination you want. You can use sophisticate decorations like real flowers or artificial flowers made from sugar or fondant, pearls, lace or any other design you want. For a more romantic and elegant style you can choose a wedding cake decorated with real purple flowers. You can find an white Victorian style wedding cake decorated with purple and green flowers on wedding cake art. A white fondant wedding cake decorated with purple calla lilies is perfect for all types of receptions. For an Asian style you can choose a wedding cake decorated with purple orchids and bamboo. Another common element used in the wedding cake decorations are the butterflies. Purple artificial butterflies can decorate an white wedding cake. You can also decorate your wedding cake with ribbons, crystals, pearls, bows or whatever you want. Purple flowers will add a note of distinction and elegance to your wedding cake. A wedding cake decorated with flowers is always romantic and elegant and perfect for any type of wedding. You can use purple roses natural or artificial to decorate your wedding cake, as the purple rose is the symbol of royalty and mystery.

Purple Wedding Cake Toppers

Purple Wedding Cake Topper from 1.bp.blogspot.com

If you are having a spring wedding you can choose purple lilac for your wedding cake. You can also use purple daisy, purple hydrangea, purple carnation or tulips to decorate and amazing wedding cake. Purple is a color that will brighten your special event, from the wedding flowers, bridal bouquet, decorations to wedding cake you can use purple for your entire event.

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