Purple And Yellow Wedding Flowers

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If you are preparing for a bright summer wedding day you must opt for a vibrant wedding bouquet that can reflect the festive, bright and shinny natural atmosphere of the summer season.

You can choose to compose the wedding bouquets, the table centerpieces, the boutonnieres, the corsages and the rest of the wedding décor arrangements with purple and yellow wedding flowers. This vividly wonderful and enchanting color combination might be one of the most inspired ones that can suit a cheerful and one-of-a-kind wedding atmosphere. Many brides seem to fancy this charming color mixture for their wedding flowers, especially because yellow and purple are very fashionable nuances for this year.

The purple color is renowned for its deep meanings, such as royalty, power, violet flame, inspiration, meditation, positive energy, innovation, wealth, prosperity, fidelity, spirituality and refinement. In completing the picture, yellow stands for fire, sun, light, brightness, affection, warmth, energy, joy of living, cheerfulness, femininity, creativity, natural charm, style and gentleness. If you want compose the wedding flowers arrangements using purple and yellow wedding flowers you should discuss with a florist to recommend you the best types of flowers that can fit your wedding décor, theme, location and character in these colors.

To help you make and overall image on what types of purple and yellow wedding flowers you can choose from for your wedding bouquets and centerpieces, here are a few examples of yellow wedding flowers: gerbera daises, sunflowers, freesias, narcissus, tulips, carnations, garden roses, calla lilies, poppies, pansies, yarrows, snap dragons, daffodils, straw flowers, mums, crocus, Black Eyed Susan, forsythia, columbines, dahlias, chrysanthemums, hibiscus, marigolds, zinnias, jonquils, iris, moss roses, trumpet vines, gladiolas, hollyhocks, violas, nasturtiums, clovers, butterfly bushes, primroses, cannas, gazanias, honeysuckles, asters or celosias. As for the purple part of the purple and yellow wedding flower arrangement, one can opt for roses, lavender, hyacinth, tulips, asters, sweet peas, lilacs, crocus, delphiniums, lupines, irises, peonies, gladiolas, freesias, lisianthus, pansies, clematis, vandal orchids, flora, poms, bachelor’s button, snap dragons, hibiscus, wisterias, tamarisks, cone flowers, limonium, violets, impatiens, verbenas, alyssums or stocks.

To make the purple and yellow wedding flower bouquet look even more impressive, rich and eye-catchy you can incorporate decorative wines, eggplants, thistle, agapanthus or fruits such as mulberries, black cherries, blue berries or pomegranates. A purple and yellow wedding bouquet composed of any type of purple and yellow wedding flower listed above can make the perfect choice for autumnal or winter wedding affairs as well. Among the most popular and yet hot and trendy types of flowers used these days in creating a wedding bouquet and décor arrangements are calla lilies, star gazer lilies, lavenders, peonies, sunflowers, gladiolas, gerbera daises, freesias, hibiscus, tulips, irises, delphiniums or daffodils.11

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