Publix Wedding Cakes

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If you are interested in a Publix wedding cake I can’t blame you because this bakery is considered to be the source of high quality products. For weddings, those products come in a customized version that’s closely executed under the supervision of cake designers that will take the time to understand your wedding cake vision before even attempting to think about flavors. All you will have to do is place the order at least four weeks before the happy event. Otherwise it will be difficult for the staff to get ready on time your favorite ornaments and flavors.

Publix Wedding Cakes

Publix Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Kimberly Vardeman)

If you aren’t interested in a unique design, you should know that on the official Publix website you will be able to discover quite a few designs that you might find more than suitable for your wedding cake. In each case the cake displayed follows a certain style and a certain color theme and is supposed to be one of your wedding’s centerpieces. If you are interested in a few examples, you should take a look below.

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For instance, you should consider the Basket of Flowers wedding cake which is not completely traditional but follows a beautiful style. By ordering this cake you will have available servings for around 200 guests. The main attraction of these differently sized cakes places on acrylic tubes is the basket weave pattern that embellishes their sides and was hand piped. That’s why the result is an elegant cake. The only downside is that it doesn’t come decorated with fresh flowers on top, so you will have to find an alternative.

I also think you should consider the Breathing cake that Publix is more than happy to deliver to any wedding in need of between 150 and 200 servings. This cake benefits from a pretty traditional look, having square layers embellished by scrollwork. To wow the guests, every tier is decorated with beautiful flowers and leaves that you will have to order separately and based on your wedding’s color scheme. You should also know that this cake involves 4 layers that vary in size from 16 inches to 6 inches.

Publix Wedding Cakes

Publix Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Mark Aaron Murnahan)

If you are interested in a completely white and traditional Publix wedding cake, then you should consider the Classic White option. Like in the previous cases, you should order this cake if you are interested in up to 200 servings. When it comes to the design, you should know that its main embellishments are the cascade of royal-icing roses placed on the right side of the cake and the lace trim that accompanies the top edge of every round layer. From many points of view this cake resembles a beautiful wedding dress. To complete its look you should add to it a porcelain figurine and some floral decorations meant to surround its base on the wedding reception table that will use it as decoration.

If chocolate is your favorite cake ingredient, then you should consider Dream of You and Me. This Publix wedding cake is covered in rich chocolate and will definitely look great if you order it along with the beautiful gum paste flowers placed on its sides.


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