Pronovias – Costura Collection Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | June 10 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

We are here to present you a few sensational and impressive wedding gowns created by Pronovias for one of their marvelous 2012 collection called “Costura” that we get the chance to see in advance.


So this is a quick preview of what is there to be found and we are pretty sure that many of you will be charmed and convinced by these fabulous models that we’ve posted here on this page and wish to see the other styles featured in this unique collection.

Pronovias is one of the most famous and beloved fashion designers who create extraordinary wedding gowns exclusively for the contemporary brides who are planning a more sophisticated and glamorous type of wedding. This bridal fashion group is planning on releasing no less than 6 different bridal collections – one more beautiful than the other for the year 2012.

We have a few articles written on various 2012 Pronovias wedding dresses that you can check out on our website in case you are already curious to see more! These collections that we’re talking about promise us glamour, refinement, extravagance, uniqueness, high class, drama, romanticism and many other “goodies” that the modern brides are usually looking for in a wedding dress.

These superb pieces that we’re presenting here belong to the elegant and ample Costura collection and we must confess that we feel more attracted to the classy A-line styles featured in this collection than to the ball gown silhouettes promoted in the Ball Gowns collection!

These dress masterpieces are surely more refined, dainty, stylish and feminine and this is why we prefer them instead of the pompous ball gown styles. Now, it all depends on the preferences and vision of each bride in part. These Pronovias – Costura Collection wedding dresses look also very high class, luxurious and voluminous, but in a more delicate and subtle way.

We like the lightness and softness of the fabrics that manage to provide the bride with both a sensual and comfortable silhouette, as well as the contemporary vibe mixed with the timeless elegance and flair.

We adore the flowing trains, the form-fitted bodices and the ethereal ample skirts, the innovative details, the hand embroideries and the lace appliqués. These are elements that are able to add even more uniqueness, glamour and elegance to these Pronovias – Costura Collection wedding dresses and make the bride look like a real diva on the wedding day.11


  1. Lidia

    April 30, 2011 at 5:15 am

    I can only imagine the amount of work there is to be put into the making of these dresses. And I can only imagine the kind of creativity the designer has in order to make these dresses so different. There are a lot of hem that are of a similar line, however the covering lace or the appliqués or the bodice I don’t know, there is something that makes them unique. And I am so amazed by the fact that they are so feminine. Each one of them is so feminine and beautiful. But I love the last dress more than the others, and that is because of the sleeves it has. Those nice sleeves and the jewel on the waist line are just two accessories that make the dress a dream.

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