Pronovias – 2012 Ball Gowns Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 22 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

We continue our journey through the spectacular Pronovias – 2012 Ball Gowns wedding dresses created by this designer for a fabulous and breathtaking collection that we recommend to all contemporary brides who are planning a superb modern fairy-tale wedding.


The majority of the brides today who still have that dream of looking like a real princess on the wedding day have now higher expectations regarding the princess dress’s design and style. She wants something more refined, unique, luscious, glamorous, graceful and elevated. And we believe that these gorgeous gowns that we’re presenting here today can make excellent choices in this regard.

These fabulous dress masterpieces can surely meet the preferences and the requirements of the modern princess brides who are going for the ball gown themed wedding. We are big fans of Pronovias’s original bridal style and we are each time surprised and impressed with the way his collections look like: glamorous, high class, fancy, voguish, timelessly elegant and one of a kind.

One of our favorite things that we love about these Pronovias – 2012 Ball Gowns wedding dresses is the fact that they combine in such a perfect and successful way the classic style with the innovative modern designs. You can see the amazing results for yourself and draw your own conclusion regarding the way these gowns appear to be.

We are pretty sure that many of you will be able to spot something more than appropriate and adequate for your wedding among these divine models: something truly sensational, remarkable, spectacular and uniquely glamorous!

Every bride deserves the best for her wedding and we believe that these gorgeous pieces are able to offer you the silhouette and the look of your dreams! Designed in a very classic, extravagant and ultra elegant way, these models manage somehow to stay refined, graceful and delicate. They are both high class and wearable and this is by far one of the most amazing things about these dress masterpieces.

Luxurious, sleek, figure-flattering and sensual, these Pronovias – 2012 Ball Gowns wedding dresses are more than a bride can wish or dream of! As you can see in the images, this collection contains not only ample full skirt dresses but also lots of sumptuous and seductive mermaid cut or modified A-line silhouettes. Beautified with all kinds of large ruffles, layers, gemstone embroideries and appliqués, these gowns are surely a delight to see and a privilege to wear!11

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  1. Tarra

    May 09, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Being called ball gowns I thought that in this article i will see some dresses that are so specific to balls: corsets sweet-heart shaped and then very voluminous skirts. But it seems that the pronovias line has been kept and the volume I am talking about is very subtle and uniquely used. I like this. It gives a different perspective on what ball gowns should look like, especially since they are now quite a few in modern times. And since I told you I like these dresses, I also want to tell you that my favorite is the last one. I find it the most unique.

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