Princess Ornella Wedding Dresses II

Wedding Dresses | August 16 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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For those of you who loved the few pictures of Princess Ornella wedding dresses we’ve presented before in another article we thought to bring more of this designer’s unique creations on our website. These lovely gowns were made for a delightful and rich 2011 bridal collection that seems to be dedicated to brides who are planning a modern elegant wedding and look.


There is no doubt that these pieces here are very inspiring, attractive and unique, perfect for meeting the expectations and preferences of many contemporary brides who dream of wearing an haute couture dainty and stylish wedding gown on the big day. We love the big ruffles and the rest of the tiers made for the skirts that mange to add more volume, amplitude and extravagance to the overall design and look of these dresses.

If we are to consider the fact that these gowns here look so sophisticated, elaborated and intricate in details and embroideries we would come to the conclusion that they were made especially or only for formal brides who are planning a dramatic big type of wedding. However, if you get the chance to investigate the entire collection you will see that there are still many styles and designs that can fit and flatter the casual bride who is planning a chic and comfortable outdoor wedding as well! We are curious to hear your opinions on these precious Princess Ornella wedding dresses, especially on the black and white styles.

We personally find them truly mesmerizing, eye-catchy, high class and refined, perfect for a ball gown themed wedding or for extravagant and luxurious receptions. Not only brides who are into the strapless style will be able to find something attractive among these styles there, but those who are looking for something relatively more covered, decent or elegant such as a sleeved or a strapped wedding dress too! You juts need to browse through the entire collection in order to see which styles can suit your silhouette, body shape and personality the most!

We love the pleated style and the rich draped bodices which are meant to add more sophistication, drama and contrast to the bride’s look, providing her with a more enchanting, appealing and unique distinctive appearance. Those who will decide in the end to opt for ones of these stunning Princess Ornella wedding dresses won’t feel sorry or regret their choice. These wonderful creations are meant to fit perfectly the princess kind of bride who dreams of a fairy-tale wedding planned perhaps for a big cathedral, castle of even for a greenhouse or another outdoor majestic location.

Well, perhaps not all Princess Ornella wedding dresses that you can see on this page can suit the fairy-tale princess themed wedding but the corset styles can surely meet these expectations. There is no doubt that even the casual spaghetti strap mermaid silhouettes look incredibly dainty, high class, chic and coquette, perfect for ultra elegant and haute couture weddings. Browse for more pictures of Princess Ornella wedding dresses on this designer’s website.11

1 Comment

  1. Letha

    February 05, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    The first dress reminds me of my mom’s wedding dress almost thirty years ago. It’s very nice, but I’m not that type. I’d rather wear the second one. I actually stopped at it for a closer look and I tried to see look at every detail I could see. And the more I looked at it, the more I appreciate it. I like it because is the exact length I was looking for, I love the lace and the simplicity. Because it is simple, the lace just makes it superb. I also love the high neck and the gloves. they are so stylish and feminine. It’s a dress I could call the dress I always imagined to wear at my wedding.

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