Pretty Stephanotis Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | January 23 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Destination brides who are planning a beach wedding or all casual brides who want to go simple, sleek and chic on the big day might want to take a look at these superb pretty stephanotis wedding flowers shown in the images below. Stephanotises are among the most adorable, feminine and precious looking types of flowers that can be chosen by a modern or a traditional bride for her wedding bouquet and for the rest of the décor’s arrangements.


In general, these tiny flowers are incorporated in bigger wedding bouquets as additional flowers or as white accents. You can also see them used for adorning the bride’s hairstyle or the wedding cake. Stephanotises also look gorgeous when used as flowers for corsages and boutonnieres. As you can see, this small and tiny type of flower can decorate the entire wedding! We personally adore stephanotises because they have a wonderful magical and divine perfume and a romantic appearance.

Due to their miniature blooms and petals, these enchanting flowers are so often used as romantic accents to all kinds of flower arrangements – more or less extravagant or modern. We think that both conservative and contemporary brides can choose this sensational type of flower for composing or adorning their wedding bouquet because it is super elegant, refined, delicate, chic and very subtle. There is no way you will be able to plan a too pompous, grating, ostentatious or heavy on they type of arrangement using this petite type of flower! Therefore we warmly recommend it to all brides who are planning a fairy-tale wedding on a smaller scale.

All of you who decide to organize the whole wedding in a more casual and intimate location might find that stephanotises make a superb unique flower choice. A more or less important disadvantage that these gorgeous flowers have is the lack of a wider color palette that the bride can choose from. The stephanotis type of flower only comes in a pure crystal-like white nuance. This is one of the many reasons why a bride decides to use it for a winter themed red and white wedding flower bouquet or in a classy all-white wedding.

These flowers look at their best when used in tiny round ball-like arrangements. In case you decide to use them alone in your bridal bouquet then you’d better use them in elegant small arrangements and round bouquet shapes or designs. On the other hand, brides who want to obtain a more voluminous, sophisticated and extravagant look should mix the stephanotises with other types of flowers that work gorgeous together. Therefore, for a more impressive and elaborated type of pretty stephanotis wedding flower bouquet or arrangement we recommend you to add a few stems of calla lilies, sweet peas, freesias, orchids, roses, tulips, narcissuses or irises.11

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