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No matter the time available, every woman wants when she goes outside the house to have a nice aspect, even if she doesn’t want a complicated makeup that may take too long. So the best way to achieve that is to have a healthy skin, because a healthy skin is a pretty skin.
Most of the women think that the most beautiful part of a woman’s face are the lips, so all of us want to have pretty lips. Especially if the form of the lips is a pretty one, you can be sure that you will draw all the attention on you.

The easiest manner to have pretty lips is to take care of them, so that they stay hydrated and protected from the harmful factors. If you neglect your lips, they will get cracked and ugly, and this will affect the entire aspect of your face. You can protect your lips from getting dry by using lip balms and lip masks even made at home. The most indicated natural products for the lip care are the natural honey, the fresh cucumber, the olive oil and the all the moisturizing fruits.

To have pretty lips you can use all the lip balms which have a protection factor and have a hydrating effect, thanks to the rich oils like Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and the olive oil we can find in the composition of the lip balms.

Another solution for having pretty lips is to wear the proper shade of lipstick, which can improve the aspect of your face. In this way, you have to associate the characteristics of your face with the makeup products you use, so that the result to be a pleasant one. So, if you have rare eyelashes, you must use mascara especially for volume, you have to use contrasting eye shadow if your eyes are blue or green, lighter shades of lipstick if you have small lips and so on. All these are tricks to correct our natural aspect with the purpose to give to it the aspect we want to draw the attention on certain things we like on us.

So, if you want your lips to look a little bit bigger, now you will know how to achieve that, because it is so easy. You have to use the proper color of lip liner but drew a little bit over the natural contour of the lip, so that your lips to look bigger. Then, with the right color of the lipstick, you can achieve this effect, because the proper shade can change very much the aspect of the lips.

In this way, a lighter color has an augmentation effect, while darker shades make lips look smaller than they really are.11

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