Popular Cajun Wedding Songs

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Are you planning a Cajun wedding? Let’s see first what Cajun means.

Cajuns are an ethnic group living in Louisiana, consisting of the descendants of Acadian exiles. Nowadays, the Cajuns represent a significant portion of south Louisiana’s population, and had a great influence on the state’s culture.

In what concerns Cajun music, it is rooted in the ballads of the French-speaking Acadians also known as the language of love. These sounds have influenced American popular music for many years such as country music, and pop culture through media such as TV commercials.

Music and dancing are favorite Cajun leisure time activities. Most Cajun weddings include a Cajun group, usually consisting of a French accordion, steel guitar, violin, drums and a washboard.  French music is about waltzes, the two-step and the jitterbug.

If you plan to have such wedding inform yourself about the traditions and the music. Don’t forget about that funny tradition in which you can put your older unmarried sibling to dance with a broom decorated like a potential partner. Cajun weddings have ancient traditions that still hold true until our days. The first Cajun wedding song was recorded in 1928 by Joe and Cleoma Falcon and was called Allons à Lafayette. The lyrics tell the story of two people going to Lafayette to get married.

Usually, the Cajun wedding reception is opened by the newlyweds wedding March where the bride and her groom walk in a large circle around the dance floor. This moment is followed by the wedding waltz or the first dance of the newlyweds. Part of the wedding reception includes singing songs to toast the young married couple. One of these songs is La Fleur de la Jeunesse or The Flower of Youth which is a sad song telling of the sweet sadness of getting married.

If you are looking for some traditional Cajun wedding songs you may take into consideration the compilation Cajun Dance Favorites – 16 selections produced by Swallow Records. This is a collection of the most favorite Cajun songs. A waltz called Je Suis Tout Pour Toi is the typical first wedding dance song for a Cajun wedding. The English translation of the title is I am all for you. Other three most popular songs on the collection are Jolie Blonde, La Valse de la Vie or The Waltz of Life and The Back Door.

Jolie Blonde is one of the best known Cajun songs ever. Some say that the song was written by a prisoner in the 1920’s to tell the story of a nice blond woman that left her Cajun lover for another man. The song was originally recorded in 1929 by Breaux Freres. Since then, Jolie Blonde has been recorded several times by many artists and due to its popularity, ithas been called the Cajun National Anthem.

Big Mamou is one of the most famous Cajun songs. The song has been recorded several times by many artists, the most famous being Hank Williams Jr.  Lache Pas la Patate is another Cajun song made famous by Jimmy C. Newman who recorded it in 1974. The English translation of the song is Don’t give up!

You can also consider for your wedding the song called Diggy-Diggy-Lo, recorded in 1961 by Doug Kershaw.

Good Luck with your Cajun wedding and enjoy your evening!11

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