Pool Blue Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | February 22 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

A pool wedding theme is a daring one, out of the ordinary. And so wedding flowers should be, as they reflect not only grooms’ preferences regarding colors but suggests also the wedding theme and style.

To start with, pool wedding flowers lead you to one thought: blue color. Most of the decorations including your wedding flowers can have blue color. It is representative for the theme you have chosen and it is the symbol for water. Consequently, blue is the main criteria for choosing your flowers for the wedding.

Going further, according to the theme flowers type must be also representative. In other words, the most appropriate types of flowers for a pool theme are usually exotic, tropical ones. For example, roses match to any style but they are so popular that became a common presence. So, you may choose white water lilies, floating in the pool. They add romanticism and, at the same time, create a marvelous aspect. Apart from this, another option for you can be callas, lilies, lavender, hydrangea, irises. All blue or white, a fabulous mixture of soft colors.

If the types of flowers and also the colors are established it is time to make some suggestions regarding pool wedding flowers, how to improve your decor with them in order to create a dream wedding:

1. Wedding arch: it can be your entrance to the wedding reception party. One can choose green wedding arch, to make contrasts, bulk flowers to impress more and decked out arch with lights during night to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Torches have also the same aim.
2. Wedding aisle for the religious ceremony, but also for the party reception. It creates a game colors, a fairy-tale scene: petals of flowers flying, colors that take your eyes…
3. Wedding centerpieces with flowers: they are the chance to show your creativity. As a pool, water is my inspiration for freedom, for open minded I suggest you to use tall vases, candles floating in a fish bole near some petals. As for an informal wedding you can choose to have sunflowers floating on the water, in the pool.

Another aspect of pool wedding flowers is the risk you assume. By this I mean that during the evening the wind may cause you some problems and some of your flowers may suffer some damages. In this case make sure you have some extra flowers to replace them. Apart from this, heat is another enemy. It can make your flowers became pale so the best way to avoid this is to use less flowers for the centerpieces and more floating in the pool, as water preserves them.

All things considered, the only thing remain is to enjoy the marvelous aspect a pool wedding theme can create.11

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