Poems To Read At Wedding Ceremony

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For those couples who consider themselves very aristocratic and want to transform their wedding or at least give the special event a more different unusual atmosphere we highly recommend considering romantic poems and poetry. Either you print them on greetings or use them in speeches, these romantic poems will surely impress and touch the many, especially those who expect to be part of a very successful wedding. Depending on your tastes but also on the best known poets you may want considering Walt Whitman’s poems or William Blake’s poetry.

Poems To Read At Wedding Ceremony (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Poems To Read At Wedding Ceremony (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Your can opt even for more classic poems written by Lord Byron. However, Blake’s ‘Divine Image’ poem remains one of the most popular especially thanks to its Love and Mercy topics. Although the poem is considered a Christian work it perfectly suits wedding moments as well. But given the fact that you as a couple are getting married in a church, these two entities, God and marriage, do not exclude each other. If you want your special event to include topics about eternity then you should consider reading or writing mystic poems.

Since you are a very smart couple there is no doubt that you will opt for the most representative and the best poems possible for such special moments. Blake’s ‘Songs Of Innocence’ volume includes, among others, poems related to truth, music, smile, heaven and nature. Concerning the speech, this may also include romantic words and wishes you want to address to all your guests and friends. Usually, speeches are very emotional and this might make you a bit nervous while reading or telling them. Sp, if you are the kind of person who gets nervous then you should put down the speech, otherwise things might get confusing and this is that last thing you want to face at your own wedding.

Poems To Read At Wedding Ceremony (Source: 1weddinggift.com)

Poems To Read At Wedding Ceremony (Source: 1weddinggift.com)

Apart from this, we also recommend opting for a short speech otherwise your guests might get bored very quickly. There is another important thing we would like to mention here, namely that your speech shouldn’t include an entire poem but several verses. In short, try to include a bit of originality in the speech and then finish it with a favorite quote.

If you don’t find the proper poem, then you should try writing a short poem by yourself. Given the fact that most of the youngsters write several poems you should also look for some of yours written years ago. If you don’t find the inspiration for this then try consulting your wife/groom and he will surely give you a help hand. To make things much easier get your favorite poem book or author and open it randomly. You will surely find something emotional and romantic to put down on your greetings or include in the speech.


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