Poems And Sayings For 2nd Marriage Wedding Invitations

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What was first a form of entertainment for the members of the English and French aristocracies, the custom of sending wedding invitations with the purpose of announcing a wedding ceremony gained a huge popularity by the beginning of the twentieth century, especially when it reached the shores of the United States.


The simple and white wedding invitation cards were replaced by the multi-colored and patterned design wedding invitations, of all different shapes and sizes.

Thermography has the great advantage of creating a raised pattern and letter effect so even if people can not afford buying some elegant invitations with hand written text and an intricate calligraphy style, the wedding invitations can still look classy.

The wedding invitation should contain the basic information about the ceremony and reception such as the name of the wedding hosts, the names of the bride and groom, always mentioning the name of the bride first, the location of the wedding ceremony or reception and the address, with some important details such as the directional signs or even a printed map, the time and date, etc.

The RSVP can also be included in the wedding invitation or on a separate card. The RSVP is usually mentioned only when the attendance responses are necessary for the planning of the wedding or its final arrangements but in some situations the couple can expect only for the non-attendance replies so the RSVP is replaced with the expression “Regrets only” and a phone number for direct contact. The couple can add a return address to the RSVP if it is written on a separate card.

The wedding etiquette demands the use of a formal language to issue the inviting depending on various circumstances but its modern alternative is the use of an informal wording; the non-traditional language includes the use of a humorous wording, favorite quotes, verses or poems and sayings, especially for the second marriage wedding invitations, or by simply expressing in you own words the feelings of love, friendship and happiness.

The wedding invitations can have their separate envelopes or the invitation cards could be mailed out in their special double or single envelopes and the recommended period of time to mail out the wedding invitations, especially when expecting the attendance responses, is of minimum six weeks or between eight and ten weeks before the planned wedding day.

The wording for the second marriage is not so different from the one used for a first marriage it’s just that sometimes, if one of the partners or both have adult children they decide to have their children as wedding hosts. Some sayings for the second wedding invitations are mentioned right below.

“Sara Jones and Timothy Sour, invite you to the ceremony that will make them sister and brother, as their parents, Elizabeth Jackson and Henry Jawson, unite as one in marriage, on Saturday, the twenty eighth of June, two thousand and ten, at five o’clock in the evening, St. Simon’s Church, Baton   Rouge, Louisiana.”

“Elizabeth Jackson and Henry Jawson request the honour of your presence at their marriage, on Saturday, the twenty eighth of June, two thousand and ten, at five o’clock in the evening, St. Simon’s Church, Baton   Rouge, Louisiana.”

You don’t have to explicitly inform your guests that this is your second marriage so the sayings and poems used for the wedding invitations can also be used for a first, third, fourth, and so on, marriage. Love is timeless and limitless as one can deduct.

Here are some popular poems:< The merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

“One half of me is yours, the other half yours-
Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours,
And so all yours!”;

I Am Sure Of You by Amelia Josephine Burr
”I am not sure that Earth is round
Nor that the sky is really blue.
The tale of why the apples fall
May or may not be true.
I do not know what makes the tides
Nor what tomorrow’s world may do.
But I have certainty enough
For I am sure of you.”

A Mayan wedding poem:

I know not if the voice of man can reach to the sky,
I know not if the god’s will hear if I pray,
I know not if the gifts I have will all be granted,
I know not what will come to pass in future days,
But I hope only good will come from my love to you.

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