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The tradition of sending the wedding invitations to make the formal announcement of a wedding day dates back several centuries ago, when it became increasingly popular exclusively in the private circles of the European noble and royal families, especially the French and English aristocracies. The wealthy had all the means in using these invitations to make the inviting to their sumptuous weddings celebrated with pomp and opulent parties but the people from lower social ranks could nor afford such forms of entertainment; the education was still a major problems in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as is was back in the middle ages when people asked the town crier to issue out loud and spread the news about a wedding among the town’s people.
The wording etiquette usually demands the use of a formal language which can easily be replaced with the non-traditional wording style, if the classic wedding has be replaced with a themed one.

The wedding invitations, of pocket fold design or a simple, classic design, should contain the necessary information details about the wedding ceremony and reception such as the name of the bride and groom, the name of the wedding hosts being the ones that will also issue the invitations, the location, the time and the date of the wedding ceremony and/or reception, especially if you plan in having an after party immediately after the ceremony or in another day.

The attendance response is requested by simply adding an RSVP on the wedding invitation card or on a separate one. Usually for the non-attendance replies it is only necessary in adding the expression “Regrets only” and phone number for contact. The invitations card for the ceremony information can be separate from the one for the reception information and the RSVP card can have a return address included.

The wedding hosts are either the bride’s parents or some other close relatives or the groom’s parents but sometimes both families can act as the hosts or the bride and groom will decide to pay for their own wedding so they don’t necessarily have to mention their parent’s names on the invitations.

It is mandatory to send the wedding invitations to your invited guests with several weeks before the actual wedding day, especially if you are requesting for an attendance response.

In the twentieth century the new printings methods and other technological inventions allowed the rapid mass production of cheap wedding invitations with different theme designs and patterns, in various shapes and color combination and outstanding sizes and the pocket fold wedding invitations made no exception.

The themed wedding have become popular only in these last decades because the need to make this special event even more special than it already is become imperative; the other important reason may be the fact that not all people could afford planning their wedding ceremonies in foreign and exotic locations of the world so they have to be inventive and create the same exotic atmosphere at their own place.

Usually the design of the wedding invitations can also be used as a hint about the selected theme of the wedding so your guests should probably prepare a special outfit for the party. It is considered as socially impolite to ask your guests to dress up in special clothes but if they are close relatives and friends this impoliteness can easily be forgotten. It is your wedding day so you have the right of organizing it as you want it.

If you have planned the wedding with months in advance you can also consider in sending some pocket fold “save the date” invitation cards, which to do replace the formal wedding invitations but simply act as reminders for your guests that an important celebration will take place in the near future so they better prepare themselves.

Both the formal wedding invitations and the “save the date” invitations can be purchased directly from online manufacturers after viewing the numerous pocket fold invitations samples on their internet sites; you can buy them at discounted prices with a unique design but you can personalize them by adding photo with the main couple, a personal drawing or a one-of-a-kind pattern design. This uniqueness can be obtained if you use your own creativity, dexterity and artistic skill and make the wedding invitations yourself by using a cheap paper material, a pair of scissors and some other small accessories such as ribbons and beads.

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