Platinum pave set wedding rings

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Couples interested in purchasing a resistant wedding ring that still looks gorgeous and attractive might want to take a look at these images featuring platinum pave set wedding rings. The vast majority of brides and grooms today decide to go with platinum wedding ring sets because they are more affordable in price compared to gold wedding rings, or simply because they are more durable and modern.
Not even the magnificent gold metal is not as strong and long-lasting than platinum is. This is one of the many reasons why so many couples choose to go with platinum instead of gold, palladium, silver or any other popular metal used today in wedding rings and bands.

But one should not imagine that a lasting metal wedding ring looks simple, plain, boring or predictable! This is exactly why we wanted to show you these images with beautiful platinum pave set wedding rings: to make yourself an overall idea and image on what a platinum wedding ring can look like. The pave setting is definitely one of the most expensive, brilliant and glamorous types of settings available for wedding rings. Who would refuse a wedding ring all paved with shiny diamonds? Perhaps only brides and grooms who can’t afford to buy such a stunning expensive wedding ring or those whose solicitant life styles don’t allow them to wear such extravagant and intricate sophisticated wedding rings.

These platinum pave set wedding rings are surely not for everybody, but for modern couples who are not involved in weird or stressful and dangerous activities that might affect the wedding ring’s appearance, structure or integrity.

The pave set can cover all the band’s surface or it can only be used on the top half of the band, depending on the formality of the ring and on your wedding budget. Money seems to be the biggest problem or the ones that stand in the way of buying such an expensive and glittering ring. But we must mention that platinum wedding rings are in general recommended to all economical couples that are dealing with a tighter type of wedding budget.

Platinum always makes a more affordable alternative to gold, at least when it’s not used in sophisticated and intricately ornate wedding rings and bands. Those who are willing to invest more in the stone of their rings and less in the band should definitely opt for a brilliant platinum pave set wedding ring. The shape or cut of the diamonds can differ from case to case, where money is the only decisive factor that can determine a couple to make the final decision on the best type of ring. Round shaped diamonds are the most popular ones, followed by princess cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds or baguette cut diamonds.11

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