Planning Your Own Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Party | February 16 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Between the two parts of a wedding (ceremony and reception), many agree that the ceremony is more important. I tend to join their club, because this is the moment in which you unify your destinies in front of God and you become as one. Although I am not a very religious person, I find this process very meaningful and priceless because during the ceremony you will receive divine blessing in order to start a new life as a married couple.  So planning your own wedding ceremony should be done carefully and with proper attention to details. Whether you want to have it in a traditional way (church) or in another place, there are certain aspects you should take into account.
Firstly, the person who officiates the ceremony doesn’t necessarily have to be a clergy person, but has to be licensed to do this. If you decide to ask one of your friends or family members to officiate the ceremony, you should give him notice in advance so that she or he would know exactly what documents he/she is required to have. Remember that every state has its own regulations, so do a complete research that will assure the validity of your marriage.

The ritual of a wedding ceremony is simple and I think it is not that hard to follow. A typical ceremony starts with the processional (the moment in which the bride along with the bridesmaids enter), followed by a short reading (a poem or a saying from a book read by a close friend or family member), words of marriage (the officiant talks a little about the meaning of marriage and why it is a respectable institution), the vows ( you can choose between both saying a simple “I Do”, or develop a speech about your feelings and why you want to take each other), the exchange of rings ( the bride and groom give each other rings that stand as symbols of their commitment and unity), declaration of marriage (the officiant declares them man and wife) and the introduction of newlyweds (they are introduced for the first time as a married couple).

You can notice that planning your own wedding ceremony is not complicated but requires a lot of attention to details. Usually the part with the vows is more stressful to the spouses, because they feel they can’t find the perfect speech that can exemplify exactly their love. In the end, I believe it doesn’t really matter what you say but what you feel, because you can swear and pretend that you love someone but in your heart the situation could be entirely different.

I recommend you pay a lot of attention to this section of your wedding, because it is nice to look back on a videotape and see how excited and overwhelmed you all were. Reliving these priceless moments represents an extraordinary and emotional process. Not to mention that you will have the opportunity to show your children and grandchildren a crucial moment that changed your life.11

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