Pink And Black Wedding Invitations

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Pablo Picasso once said: “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”. One may experience lots of emotions on the wedding day but it is also very important to maintain your calm and carefully plan the ceremony. The wedding is all about small details like the bride’s gown or wedding dress, the flower arrangements placed on the wedding hall, the number of guests and of course, wedding invitations. You may select a simple and sober white wedding invitation or a unique design in different color combination, sizes or shapes. The shape is usually very important when it comes to the envelope; the most popular is the classic double envelope. The colors of the wedding invitations can be selected depending on their significance. In this article I shall give the example of the black and pink wedding invitations.
Pink is a color which results after combining the passionate red with the pure white, so pink is often associated with joy, youth, happiness and has a relaxing or soothing effect while the bright pink could stimulate the energy of the body and increase the blood pressure and the number of heartbeats. On the other hand, the black seems like a contrasting and sober color, associated with the feeling of emptiness, angst, fear, darkness, silence, bereavement, chaos and evil. The black can also have a relaxing effect just like pink because it can provide a sensation of tranquility, making the person who wears black clothes to feel protected and hidden from the staring eyes. As an interesting fact, pink is the color used on the prison walls because it can stop any erratic behavior and calm any aggressive emotions. Each culture of the world gives their distinct signification to black and pink. For example, in Japanese culture, black is the color which represents experience, nobility or age while pink is considered to be a masculine symbol. An old legend tells the story of the medieval Japanese warriors known as samurais and their fading lives associated with the Sakura or the ephemeral cherry tree blossoms.

The combination of pink and black on the wedding invitation will create an interesting visual effect: the sobriety of black with the cheerful pink. If the predominant color is black you can use ink of bright colors such as white, silver or pale shades of pink to write the text. If the predominant color is pink, black or white ink are the perfect choices. To give a classic appearance to your wedding invitation, you can choose to have the text written by hand but also think about the wedding budget, since this method doesn’t come cheap. The alternative is to use thermography or the engraving method of writing the wedding invitations, and who knows, with that raised letter effect they might look quite beautiful.

The invitation should contain the general information about the wedding ceremony: the name of the bride, written first, the name of the groom, the name of the wedding hosts, usually being the bride’s parents, but sometimes both families contribute to the expenses of the wedding. The couple could opt to have the name of the parents written as well, even if in some cases one parent or both parents are deceased. The rest of the information is basically about the wedding location, the date and time; the RSVP indicates that the couple waits for an attendance response from their guests and the sooner, the better.

Other details may be added on the invitation if the free space allows it: a printed map with the wedding location and directional signs, information about the after-party or reception that will follow the religious ceremony; if the wedding has a theme is would be wise to let your guests know if they have to wear the normal and elegant outfitfor this event or if they have to replace it with something else. If the couple has everything planned in detail long before the actual wedding day they could consider of sending a ‘save the date’ wedding card, but remember that this acts just as a reminder and does not replace the formal wedding invitation.
The recommended time to mail the wedding invitations would be with ten, eight or minimum six weeks in advance so try not to forget about this very important tip. The last, but not least, important tip is to respect the wording etiquette as much as possible because an elegant form of addressing the invitations will always appeal to your guests.11

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