Pictures of Jan Kish Wedding Cakes

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On the most special day of your life, everything has to be perfect, you selected designer wedding dress, designer bridal shoes now the wedding cake should be made by a famous artist and baker. The wedding cake is not just an ordinary cake, it needs to be the most beautiful cake you will have in your life. The talented bakers can create a cake that will resemble a piece of art.

The design of the wedding cake is very important that is why it is important to select a cake made by a famous baker. The wedding cake industry developed so much that you can order any cake you want the cake can be customized according to your desire, according to the theme of the wedding.

Pictures of Jan Kish Wedding Cakes

Pictures Of Jan Kish Wedding Cake from

One of the famous artists and wedding cake bakers is Jan Kish from ‘’Le petit fleur’’. She uses artistic techniques such as stippling, painting, and sculpting, architectural structuring for amazing creations. Her wedding cakes are famous; she incorporates in her creations gold leaf, pressed flowers, molded marzipan, hand-made sugar pieces. Every wedding cake is unique and can be customized; you can add a personal touch to it. Jan Kish is listed among the top culinary masters in USA. What distinguish Kish from other culinary artists is her ability to use her diverse skills to personalize an event and to develop unique ideas suited for any occasion such as incorporating the design of the bridal gowns and using significant symbols particular to any celebration. From bejeweled wedding cakes to master pieces every cake is unique. At Le petit fleur you have so many cake possibilities to choose from. Savory wedding cakes have been created for clients with food allergies looking for sugarless, milkless or eggless cakes. Savory wedding cakes are a new twist on the traditional wedding cakes. The possibilities are endless. You can choose from a variety of cake flavors at Le petit fleur’’, classic: Daffodil Lemon, All American Chocolate, Velvet Spice, White Swan, elegant: Chocolate Chili Cinnamon, Buckeye Blitz Chocolate, Red Velvet, Key Lime Margarita, Apple Walnut, Banbury Rose, Coconut, New England Blueberry, Light Lemon Poundcake, Chiffon Sponge, Italian Cream, Persian Love Cake. Exquisite: White Chocolate, German Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Torte, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Golden Grand Marnier Fruitcake, Sunburst Cherry, Limoncello.

Pictures of Jan Kish Wedding Cakes

Picture of Jan Kish Wedding Cake from

The fillings cake be: Raspberry Reduction Sauce, Amaretto, Apricot, Buckeye Blitz, Chocolate Ganache, Cream Cheese, Creme de Menthe, English Lemon Curd, Key Lime Curd, Lemon, Mocha, Pina Colada, Praline, Raspberry. Cake exterior can have Buttercream Icings, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Ruffles, Chocolate Curls, Chopped Nuts, Coconut Curls, Dark Chocolate Rolled Fondant, White Chocolate Rolled Fondant, Rolled Fondant, Whipped Cream. The most popular wedding cakes from Le petit fleur designed by Jan Kish: White Swan Cake, with English lemon curd, vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries, Key Lime Margarita Cake with Pina Colada butter cake and Red Velvet Cake.

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