Picture Of A Jamaican Wedding Cakes And Icing

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Just for one moment close your eyes and picture this: the fresh colors of tropical flowers, a blue sky crossed over by some puffy clouds and the sound of the waves crashing on the nearby sand. Then imagine a wedding couple into this picture kissing each other while they promise eternal love. What better view can be displayed in front of the eyes of your imagination if not the one of a couple getting married in a perfect harmony of feelings and landscape?

Now with the picture in our mind, the next will follow: the wedding dresses, the party, the exotic floral decoration and of, course, the closing act where the wedding cake plays the main part. The picture of a Jamaican wedding cakes and icing can be chosen out of a diversity of baking. The recipes for these Jamaican wedding cakes vary; there are dark fruitcake laced with rum – this one rich in dried fruits (prunes, cherries, raisins, currants) or fresh ones (bananas), coconut rum cake…

picture-of-a-jamaican-wedding-cakes-and-icingThe wedding cake, that’s usually a dark colored cake, has its special way to be made, a way related to the Jamaican tradition of baking cakes. Before they become what they are meant to become, these cakes have to be soaked for about a year so the fruits and bread will be flavored and moist. But this thing goes for the original Jamaican couples only!

As a main ingredient particular to Jamaican cakes is rum. Rum plays its part in the culture of most islands of the West Indies, and it’s related to the Royal Navy – because it was used in making the famous “grog” that sailors drank while being on the seas.

Basically, a picture of a Jamaican wedding cake and icing doesn’t look very decorative, it’s almost poor in this matter, but the taste is what makes the cake be delicious and hard to forget. The flavor of rum conveys the sweetness of the baked cake a taste of exotic and aromas that one can hardly find in other cakes.

For the couples that have their wedding theme a Jamaican one and are from America, the wedding style is similar to an American wedding. This feature is recognized also in the wedding cakes, the ones couples choose to have on their wedding table. In this respect the wedding cakes decoration put the bakers’ imagination at work. Thus, decorations with sea shells in different colors, exotic flowers of different shape and size, only to name some, make the interest of the cake bakers.11

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