Phillipa Leplay Wedding Dresses II

Wedding Dresses | September 16 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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The time has come to show you more of the wonderful and delightful Phillipa Leplay wedding dresses on our website and give you a hand with all the process of choosing the perfect wedding dress for your wedding. These pieces here are definitely meant to fit perfectly the elegant type of women who are very selective and picking with the cloths they wear everyday. And we say this because as you can easily remark, these splendid gowns here were designed especially for dainty ands chic weddings and brides who are interested in obtaining a more refined, stylish, haute couture and delicate look.


We adore all the sheer fabric appliqués, embroideries and patterns made by this designer for her gorgeous wedding dresses and also the sophisticated and yet very romantic and seductive ethereal sleeves that manage to add even more femininity, sensitiveness and naturalness to the bride’s look. Due to the classy sleeves, these creations here look even more decent, ultra elegant and delicately dramatic! We are curious to see what your reactions are on these superb gowns hopefully we managed to impress you with the samples we’ve posted here on this page.

We honestly believe that any modern or classic bride who dreams of an innocent and unique feminine look for the big day will find these Phillipa Leplay wedding dresses totally adequate, fitted and flattering for their own wear. These creations can be found on a stylish and trendy high class 2011 bridal collection made by Phillipa Leplay especially for contemporary brides who are planning a more sensual and versatile timeless look for their wedding.

The entire collection emanates freshness, grace, prettiness, youthfulness and attractiveness. Despite the form-fitted silhouettes, the classic lines and the simple cuts, these pieces can really make a fun, enthusiast and playful selection for many young and modern brides!

Not to mention that due to the lace embroideries and designs even the fancy chic vintage bride will be able to find something on her taste among these precious models. We love Phillipa Leplay’s wedding dresses and her original way of creating such glamorous, coquette and timelessly romantic pieces of a purity and finesse of rare high quality. We think that these incredibly beautiful and dandy gowns can bring both joy and drama to the bride’s look and feel, offering her the appearance of her dreams!

It’s kind of hard to resists the temptation of choosing one of these lovely gowns for a wedding day because each of these pieces screams fashion, impeccable elegance, commitment and haute couture style! One can wear one of these remarkable Phillipa Leplay wedding dresses on a natural wedding booked for an outdoor garden, park, beach, greenhouse, open field or even backyard location, or for a more fanciful and high class local indoors.

Perfect for ceremonies and receptions spent in natural environments and venues, these gowns can also fit perfectly the dramatic formal ceremonies where the bride can wear something relatively more decent and flattering such as a sleeved wedding dress style. We invite you to browse for more articles on Phillipa Leplay wedding dresses on our website!11

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  1. nadira

    February 04, 2011 at 10:18 am

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen this kind of dresses. Simple, classic, romantic, with just a few nice details that would make them be fabulous. I find them all very nice and fit for that kind of bride that just wants to feel good on the wedding day, to feel romantic and happy. And that’s it. She doesn’t want to amaze, to shock or to be artistic. Just to make the bride look beautiful. I like almost every design from here, the exception being the design in the middle. In rest, I like all the necklines and I think the lace is an effective detail for these gowns. However, the one that I like the most and wish I could wear at my wedding is the last but one design. Simple, romantic, comfortable… youngish.

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