A Peek On Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Plans

Celebrity Weddings | April 01 2014 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Jessica Simpson revealed to the public that she and her fiancé Eric Johnson want to get married this year. She said that both of them have realized that maybe it’s time for them to settle down. She said that they have to get married and they want the great event to be this year. For Jessica, she feels that they are almost like real couples. The only things that are missing are the legal papers. Of course, they have been together for quite a long time now and they have two kids already so the wedding will not bring any major changes in their life.

She also recalled that when she became pregnant with their first baby, she knew that she would gain weight. She was even criticized for that. But with her second baby, she decided to shed off some weight after giving birth. She says she is extra careful now. Her long-time partner is also very supportive in everything she does.

A Peek On Jessica Simpson�s Wedding Plans

With regards to getting married, it is quite obvious that the two are really determined to get married as soon as possible. Although the exact date is still unknown, Jessica’s fans wish that the wedding will be anytime soon. Perhaps, the couple decides to get married this spring or summer. Who knows? Jessica and Eric have come a long way already. Much more, they have two kids. They are a family now. Legalizing everything is the last and the best option that they have. With regards to the wedding announcement, well, let’s wait for that.

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