Pearl wedding rings with gemstone accents

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Brides who are not necessarily interested or attracted to diamond wedding rings can always opt for a more sensual, eye-catchy and unique alternative, such as for a beautiful pearl wedding ring with gemstone accents. Pearls are among the most beautiful, romantic and classic timeless stones that are now available for engagement rings and wedding rings.
But compared to other semi-precious gemstones (such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires), pearls are considered less durable ones. Besides this, brides should know that pearls are very sensitive to humidity and dryness, but as well to all kinds of acids.

We recommend you to keep them away from hair spray or from cosmetics in general. Before making the big purchase we also advise you to read more about pearls and the way one should take care of them. Ask the jeweler or the vendor about special treatments that you can apply on your pearls. If you decide to clean the pearls with soapy water, be careful because the pearl might get discolored. You can dry the pearls with a clean towel. These beautiful and unique stones can be found in lots of colors and derived shades, one prettier than the other before. It all depends on what your preferences and tastes are.

The most expensive and sought-after type of pearl usually features a white shade with pink highlights in the center. Other types include: black pearls, golden pearls, pink, mauve or lavender pearls, green pearls, blue pearls, cream, ivory or champagne colored pearls. Make the right color-pearl selection according to the lifestyle you’re living or to your profession, daily activities or day-by-day cloths and jewelries.

The most precious, valuable and expensive type of pearl cut is the round shape. You can also find pearls fancied in teardrop or in oval shapes, but in rare cases and then in other jewelries like pendants or earrings. We thought to present you here a few images with pearl wedding rings with gemstone accents hopping that you will find these stoner combinations at least interesting, visually attractive and one of a kind. Pearls go well with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, turquoises or peridots.

You can make any mixture between the pearl stone and another gem, following your own imagination or your own sense of beauty, elegance and fashion. Pearls can also be paired with colorless or fancy colored diamonds, depending on your wedding ring budget and on your vision of the ideal wedding ring for you. These splendid lustrous stones are definitely among the most romantic, timeless, original, dandy and dainty, feminine, classy and sensual types of gemstones available today in the rich industry of wedding rings. The price of pearl stones can differ from case to case, depending on the intensity of the luster, size and type. Natural pearls are the most expensive ones.11

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  1. Lianna Musleh

    August 02, 2013 at 5:20 am

    I would like to purchase one of the pearl rings but Im not sure how to on your page. Can you please provide me with feedback as to where I can purchase the ring. The one I am interested in is the pearl engagement ring with the slanted flower it’s remarkably beautiful and I have yet to find a ring like it anywhere.
    Thank you
    Lianna Musleh

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