Pale Blue Wedding Flowers

11-11-Ideas for Weddings Wedding Decorations | August 28 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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Perhaps not all modern brides of today may feel ready to adopt a too vibrant and bold color scheme for their wedding but we know that there are many of you out there willing to choose something relatively different and unique when it comes to wedding themes. Well, for all of you who are prepared to assume a colorful theme for your wedding perhaps these nice and refined pale blue wedding flower arrangements we’re presenting here can reach your expectations and fit your preferences.


We’ve chosen the pale blue theme for all brides who are still planning a classy yet more contemporary and sensual wedding or look. There is no doubt that this gorgeous nuance is able to add more delicacy, refinement, sweetness and vibrancy to a wedding atmosphere. And if you decide to opt for this color for composing your own bridal flower bouquet then you can be assured that your look is going to be even more approachable, inspiring, original and one of a kind.

Those who decide to go for this theme can be assured that they will look distinctive and totally different from all those brides who are going white on the big day. However, we must recognize that this type of blue is not very far from the delicacy, purity and innocence of the white shade that is so popular in weddings. We must also mention that blue is the second or the third official color for a wedding after white and red and in this context you should not have the worn impression that the blue color may not be appropriate for a wedding! You can combine the pale blue color with white and obtain even a more seductive, graceful and soft theme for the wedding in case you still have doubts that the blue shade won’t be interpreted correctly by your guests.

This is perhaps one of the mistakes that many modern brides or couples make when it comes to choosing the colors for the wedding, and that is related to the fact that they overtake into consideration the opinions and the wedding attendants. Of course, no one says it’s not important to take into account the way they are going to feel at your wedding, but from this to planning the whole reception according to their own preferences it’s a long way. We recommend all couples to follow their own imagination, intuition and sense of creativity when planning the wedding décor just to obtain a unique and personalized atmosphere.

After all, it’s your wedding and you are the one who has to enjoy and feel flattered on this big day! We have a few examples of blue types of flowers that you can choose from for composing your own marvelous and magical pale blue wedding flower arrangements: delphiniums, carnations, roses, tulips, irises, lilacs, orchids, sea hollies, statice, larkspur, hydrangeas, cornflowers, veronicas, morning glory, hibiscuses, columbines, bachelor’s button, lupines or sweet peas. We are sure that you will be able to create wonderful arrangements using these sensational natural blooms listed here.

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