Organic cotton wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 03 2020 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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The modern 2010 bride is substantially different from the traditional one in matters of style, bridal vision and perception of the elegance, beauty and naturalness. For the contemporary bride a successful wedding dress is the one that manages to still look and feel natural among other qualities that are related with fashion, daintiness, extravagance and sophistication.

More and more modern wedding dress designers are trying to create natural touch wedding dresses made from organic fabrics that can make the bride feel and look both comfy and beautiful. Among the most important features that a modern bride is looking in a wedding dress are: the practicality, the comfort, the natural look and the delicate feminine and soft touch.

The beauty of a modern wedding dress also lies in the type of material that creates it and in the way it can make a bride feel during the whole wedding day. The organic cotton wedding dress is our recommendation, especially for all the brides who are planning a nature inspired wedding outdoors or for brides who are organizing an eco-friendly wedding in general.

The cotton material is one of the most popular fabrics that are used in designing and creating wedding dresses for casual natural weddings. More and more contemporary brides-to-be seem to fancy this fabric and choose it over silk, lace or any other popular fabric for their own wedding dress.

An organic cotton wedding dress can provide the bride with the necessary comfort during the wedding ceremonies and still make her look incredibly feminine, graceful, delicate and refined.

The subtlety and the softness or the simplicity of a cotton wedding dress is able to transpire through the bride’s look making her appear more innocent, pure, clean and natural. For beach weddings, island weddings, garden themed weddings, park weddings, mountain weddings or outdoor open field weddings the organic cotton wedding dress is the ideal outfit that a bride can vote for.

Depending on the character, theme, final location and formality of the wedding, this type of dress can feature different designs, lines and cuts, from simplistic to elaborated and sophisticated. In general, organic cotton wedding dresses are made with a simple cut, simple chic necklines and sheath or flamboyant delicate skirts.

The most popular ones are halter organic cotton wedding dresses, strapless empire waist organic cotton wedding dresses, hippie cap sleeved sheath organic cotton wedding dresses or bohemian or vintage tea length organic cotton wedding dresses.

Whether you choose to go short or long, modern or vintage, hippie or classic, the final look of such type of dress will always be successful from every single point of view. The vast majority of the organic cotton wedding dresses re made in white, but other colors close to white like champagne, beige, ecru, buttercup yellow, eggplant or cream are acceptable.11


  1. Lindsay Carter

    December 15, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Going green is such a trend these days and i believe everyone should join this. I’m planning such a wedding and this article here saved me a lot. It gave me a great idea regarding my wedding dress. These here are all very nice dresses and not one of them could be thought of as too common for a bride to wear. They are elegant, with different lines but mostly fluid. Even the most simple of all is fabulous, while the embroideries and patterns of the others make them look fit for the romantic bride. And although organic cotton does not have that finesse silk has, it is however very comfortable and modern. I especially like the second dress in the second picture, that with the embroidery at the bottom. Could you please tell me who designed it?

  2. The Cotton Bride

    January 02, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Dear Lindsay –

    This is the DIana dress designed by Chris Kole for The Cotton Bride collection.

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