Orchid Wedding Decorations

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Close your eyes and imagine the most delicate, beautiful and exotic flower. Is it not the orchid? If this is not the case, you do not know what you are missing. However, if it is, what are you waiting for? Start thinking of your orchid wedding decorations and you will be pleasantly surprised to see what you can do.

Where can you place them?
Before projecting the decors, make up your mind about the places where you would like to have these natural accents. Tables are probably the most common place, with the centerpieces on top of the list. Nevertheless, there are also the entrances and windows, the floors and the walls and a special corner where your wedding cake will be placed and admired. And just to clear things up, if you have chosen this theme, an orchid wedding cake is mandatory.

Orchid Wedding Decorations

Orchid Wedding Decorations from etherealdecor.com

The simplest arrangement you can have consists of a single orchid in a special glass vase or even three strains. But you should look for ways of integrating them into something. You must be able to find some large gel candles with artificial orchids inside of them. Or just take a tall and rectangular glass container, place a layer of pebbles on its bottom, stick an orchid with a long strain in it while being careful for the flower not to get outside of the box and then add a considerable amount of water to cover even the blossoms. If you prefer the traditional centerpieces with water bowls, floating candles and flower petals, orchids are just perfect for this purpose. Alternatively, you could order some gorgeous Hawaiian leis made of purple, white and yellow orchids, but small enough to serve you as a frame for a plate or a glass bowl on which you can add whatever accessories you want.

Orchid Wedding Decorations

Orchid Wedding Decorations from wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com

Special accents
Accents are usually tinny, but impressive, meaning colorful and perfumed. You could place an orchid blossom on every guest’s plate. Or use decorative orchids at the base of the card holders where your guests’ names are written. If you have already made up your mind for a centerpiece of crystal trees, consider making some special orchid blossoms to grow on the crystal branches. The wedding favors can be easily matched with the theme, if you consider orchid gel candles, or simple candles with orchid scents, edible sugar orchids or small orchid tea bags. In addition you can use fabrics with such patterns, paper lanterns with these motives inscribed on them, fans with orchid pictures and so far.11

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