Online Wedding Cake Recipes

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Have you considered making your own wedding cake? it is actually not that hard if you have some skills in the kitchen, a bit of imagination and some patience. In fact, there are many brides who make their own wedding cakes or ask some relatives or friends to do it. It is a great way to save some money, to know exactly what is in the cake and it gives you the freedom to decorate it however you want. With so many online wedding cake recipes, it is practically impossible to mess up. You can choose from the classic and simple recipes up to some complex and whimsical wedding cakes that require some skills. Of course, you can try out various recipes and decide which one works for you the best.

First of all, consider how many tiers you want the cake to have and if you want them round or you want them square, hexagonal and any other shape. A simple two tiered cake is easier to do and it is surely more appropriate for smaller weddings. The three tiered velvet wedding cake is perhaps among the most popular wedding cakes. You can find tons of recipes for such a wedding cake and plenty ideas for decorating the cake. Many extravagant weddings go for the five tiered cake. It takes a lot of time to make, but it is suitable for a large party. The recipes can be inspired from what you like the most. Do you prefer a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake? What about a cake with buttercream or cheesecake? There are also wedding cakes that use fondant or icing in order to cover each tier and to give it that smooth and perfect look.

Online Wedding Cake Recipes

Online Wedding Cake Recipes (Photo by: snowpea&bokchoi)

Moreover, there are plenty wedding cakes that have fruits or jelly fruits between each layer, to give it a more special taste. The white chocolate mousse wedding cake is also proffered by many, the almond cake, marzipan cake and so on. There are many websites where you can find amazing recipes, with ingredients that can be found, but there are some websites that go a bit further and require more attention and ingredients that are not available at every corner.

The main idea is to decide how complex or how simple you want the cake. It might require a lot of time invested, but it will be delicious at the end and at the wedding you can be proud and tell everyone that you did it.


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