Old Fashion Glamour Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 17 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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The number of brides who are planning a vintage inspired wedding or an old style ceremony is constantly increasing. In the past few years the antique themed weddings managed to grow in popularity especially among modern brides and grooms who are somehow related to the vintage eras or to the fascinating old style. And how can blame them?


There is nothing more attractive, chic, stylish and refined than the old style glamour. In this article we are going to offer all interested brides a few examples of old fashion glamour wedding dresses that we found out there and though you might like to see. All these precious haute couture bridal gowns that you can admire in the pictures below were created by Franc Sarabia – one of the most famous bridal couturiers recognized for his spectacular and original way of designing dramatic, sleek and high class wedding dresses.

As you can observe in the images below, these creations are more than beautiful, elegant and suitable for a wedding. They are amazingly stunning, impressive and magnificent through the bold designs, refined lines and dynamic hot and sexy lines. Any bride who wants to look appealing, sensual, eye-catchy and outstanding on the day must check out these fabulous old fashion glamour wedding dresses pictured below in this article. We can’t deny that these exceptional creations are simply original, artistic and ultra feminine. The silhouettes are flirty, coquette, soft and sexy, while the embellishments are very discreet and yet dramatic.

Brides who are planning a superb vintage wedding should definitely give it a try with one of these ravishing gown styles. Franc Sarabia likes supple slender silhouettes and through each style he designs he tries to achieve that perfect ideal dreamy look that every bride wants to obtain on the big day. We recommend all brides who are planning an antique themed wedding ceremony to take into consideration purchasing and wearing one of these old fashion glamour wedding dresses because they are the best that you can get!

For both dramatically formal and casual chic and sophisticated weddings these gowns can make the perfect outfit choice. Brides who decide to go with one of these breath-taking creations will surely feel and look both sexy and classy. The refinement of the clean lines, the exquisite cuts and the artistic glamorous embroideries are able to provide the bride with everything she needs for looking like a goddess or like a real diva on the day. And these qualities are: drama, decency, elegance, refinement, contrast, innocence, naturalness, ultra beauty, high class, sensuality, femininity, grandeur, softness, sexiness and uniqueness.

The only thing that these gowns may not feature is a very comfortable design. At a first sight, we can easily affirm that these form-fitted creations are anything but practical, commodious and easy to wear. However, due to the luxurious, soft, sleek and expensive fabrics, these styles are also very light weight and comfy. We invite you on our website to browse for more pictures of gorgeous Franc Sarabia wedding dresses.11


  1. bob

    December 09, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Hi. I’m a future to be groom and I accidentally found this website and especially this article. Or at least I hope it is accidentally, as my future wife could never fit in such a dress. She’s truly amazing, but she is not that fit, so I hope she doesn’t want to try such a dress. These here are really nice and I would love her to stay by me in one of them, but it would be difficult to succeed in that. Maybe she was just trying to find some accessories? I really hope so, as I could definitely see her wearing a similar veil like the one with roses in the third picture.

  2. Dionise

    July 25, 2011 at 8:37 am

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