Novestia Autumn Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 23 2019 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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This is the second article that we write on the fabulous and gorgeous Novestia Autumn wedding dresses hopefully that these refined and precious we picked for this discussion will fit the preferences of many brides. We believe that this designer’s collections are among the most elegant, purely impeccable and exquisite ones, containing simply sophisticated, chic and refined gowns that can be chosen especially by the mature brides.


We always thought that this couturier’s dress masterpieces can make fabulous selections or alternatives for the older brides, for the encore brides or for the brides who are no longer in their twenties. And we make this nomination because Novestia’s dresses always look very decent, classy, dainty and stylish – no matter how bold, hot and trendy the designs may be.

We believe that any bride who decides to wear one of these superb Novestia Autumn wedding dresses on her wedding day will obtain a gorgeous, unique and charming look that everybody will cherish, appreciate and remember.

Although these beautiful gowns were designed and created especially for the autumn season, we would recommend them to brides who are planning a summer time wedding as well! And this is because the fabrics are refined, soft and light-weight, the details and embroideries are rich, romantic and elegant, the lines are fluid and the silhouettes very feminine, sophisticated and sensual – perfect for a hot summer wedding day!

We love the sleek gold and creamy white shades used for some of these wonderful gowns that are able to provide the bride with a more fall seasonal look! This designer has already wan a few awards and it seems that many brides of today are interested in his exquisite, timelessly elegant and refined dress masterpieces.

We think that one of the most important things that separate this designer’s collections from another’s is the combination made between the following elements: fine craftsmanship, the original designs and the meticulous detail and embroideries. This is why these Novestia Autumn wedding dresses look so prestigious, high class, qualitative, elevated and adorable! We can not deny the fact that this couturier’s dress masterpieces are absolutely enchanting and timelessly original!

We have many other articles written on this subject on our website that we invite you to browse for in order to see more precious styles designed for precious collections. We love the off the shoulders and one shoulder strap necklines that make these fall season dresses look so sensual, feminine and attractive.11


  1. bess

    April 05, 2011 at 7:18 am

    When I think of an autumn wedding dress i imagine it with a little bit of volume, very comfortble and rich in details or in fabrics. It has to give me that impression of a rich wedding dress, a dress that will cover and will make you feel warm. Because I imagine autumn colder and I need to feel that summer warmth in fall as well. So I think the one dress here which is the most fitted for the fall weddings is the first. Because is the only one with covered shoulders, with very beautiful embroidery on the bodice and it has such a full skirt. And of course, the beautiful veil is also a good asset for the entire bridal attire.

  2. talin bülbülkaya

    October 22, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    thank you

    designer of Novestia

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