Nontraditional Wedding Songs

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What if for your wedding you decide to break the rules? What if instead of white bridal gown you will decide to wear a red one? What if instead of a classical music for your wedding ceremony you will have some rock ballads playing while you walk the aisle, and when the “you may kiss the bride” moment comes, you would have a ¬†jazz band playing some funky music or … I don’t know, something out of ordinary? It isn’t something quite impossible, you know? The thing is that a wedding ceremony has to be performed in the most appropriate manner that matches your tastes and your beliefs on what a wedding should mean both to you and your future hubby.

Everything that is part of your wedding is better to represent you because in this way you ensure yourself the entrance that you and only you have chosen for your future life. It wasn’t anybody else’s ideas or planning, but only yours, and this thought gives you a certain self confidence to start up your new life. The music you choose has to be a reflection of you, of your love, of your feelings toward marriage and leaving the traditional side alone, you can think of better and more representative tunes to be played at your wedding ceremony.

nontraditional-wedding-songsNon-traditional wedding songs can be plenty; there is so much music in the world that it would take years to cover everything that is considered to be appropriate. The thing is that with all the suggestions in the world, you as a couple will make the choice, because only down deep in your heart you know exactly what defines your love and how is the best way to put it. You are free to make lists of songs, to have them gathered on a CD and while listening to them to make again a list with the most suitable ones, if you consider also the lyrics which can be indeed an important factor to the moment that the song emphasizes. For instance, you can not play “House of fire” by Alice Cooper while you walk that aisle whatever non-traditional wedding songs you plan to have at your ceremony. But if I think better, why not? The lyrics even go with the moment!

Since we reached this stage, there are still some suggestions that can be taken into account, and who knows maybe they actually meet your desires and feelings? For the “Here Come the Bride” moment, an interesting suggestion might be “The Rain Song” performed by Led Zeppelin, the song could emphasize the big moment of your entrance in a striking way, or “There she goes” by LA. Other songs for the wedding ceremony and most popular: “At Last” – Ella Fitzgerald, “I Feel Good” – by James Brown, “Cross my heart” – George Strait, “Into the mystic” – Van Morrison and the list can go on and on. Only you could put an end to it, because you are in charge with choosing the adequate non-traditional wedding songs to be played at your wedding.11

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