New York Wedding Cakes

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And if I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere, It’s up to you, New York New York… That is how Frank Sinatra was singing one of his most famous songs, entitled simply New York, New York. The fascination for this great big city has been since forever. If you ask a foreigner what city he wants to visit most in USA, 1 of 3 most likely will say New York. The New York way of life is addicting to some and they see in it more than probably is, but hey, everybody has the right to dream about something. It’s one of the symbols of USA and will always be.
What about a wedding in New York? In one of its worldwide known places, like The Foundry, The Lighthouse of Chelsea Piers, The Prince George Ballroom or Gotham Hall. New Yorkers surely know the locations. Look them up on the internet, you will be amazed of what you find, because they look simply wonderful.

And if you decided to have a wedding in New York, what are you forgetting? The wedding cake! How could you? It’s the sweetest moment. Most guests will remember your wedding ceremony because of the wedding cake, trust me. You always hear gossip about the wedding cake someone had at their wedding. Gossips always rise among guests, but what I’m saying is that the wedding cake is not forgotten. And if you are having your wedding ceremony in New York, it would be unappropriate to buy the wedding cake from somewhere else than New York.

Why? Just hink about this: the way the wedding cake makes from the confectionery to your place. The cake might leave the confectionery in perfect shape, but you don’t know how it will reach your home. You have no idea what it can happen to it in the road. It can melt or it can even be destroyed. And you can’t let this happen, what if you don’t have enough time to order another one? Think well! You will see I am right.

And because of this, you probably wonder how many good confectioneries are in New York. I tell you: many! And good ones too, having confectioners that are artists, if I may say.

I will let you look at some pictures and you will see why I said this. Of course, the prices vary: the more complex the cake, the higher the price. And there are no cheap New York wedding cakes if you want a quality wedding cake.

Were these pictures enough to convince you that New York has great confectioneries? Here are their websites, just click here, here, here and here.

Look well at the pictures they uploadd on their websites, you will surely drool the whole time you are watchign them. I can’t blame you, I’m doing the same. So, good luck in finding the perfect New York wedding cake!11

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