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Is there any girl who isn’t dreaming of the moment of a lifetime? Since our childhood, especially us, girls, we think about our big wedding day imagining ourselves dressed as princesses and being the center of attention.

Let’s not forget that a very important part of the wedding planning is music. We need special songs to mark our most important moments, songs that will remain special memories after years and years.

Every bride is looking for a great song to fit her grand entrance on the wedding ceremony. It’s their day, so they want something special, unique, new and spectacular. For brides looking for something more for their great appearance than the usual classical wedding music pieces, wedding music central by top wedding music specialists Gloria Sklerov and Barbara Rothstein is a real blessing.

The two multi Emmy Award-winning songwriters give birth to unique wedding pieces and reveal wedding music secrets in order to help young couples planning the perfect wedding songs for the big day. Here are some new and special bride entrance songs available on wedding music central:

Here She Comes

This is a great choice to play while walking down the aisle to your husband to be. The lyrics of this nice pop song describe exactly the feelings of the couple on their wedding day: „ Here she comes…/ What a breathtaking sight/ As she walks down the aisle to your side/ A vision of love/ All eyes on the beautiful bride/ You can see forever written on her face/ Destiny has brought you to this time and place/ Here she comes/ This is the moment/ The dream of a lifetime comes true/ Each step brings her closer/ Closer to love and to you.” Isn’t that what you really feel while walking down the aisle?

When She Walks

This is a unique song capturing the amazing feeling of the wedding guests and the future husband of watching the bride walking down the aisle to join the love of her life. “Turn around/ There’s an angel in the aisle/ With her smile/ Every step she takes brings her closer to me/ Isn’t she, isn’t she, isn’t she/ The most beautiful bride in the world/ When she walks/ She takes your breath away/ When she walks/ She takes all my fears away/ When she walks/ The hills and the clouds stand still/ When she walks/ The journey together begins… begins/ In her gown/ Memories of thousands of lovely places/ Look at her now/ Fulfilling her dreams and love’s aspirations/ Isn’t she, isn’t she, Isn’t she/ The most beautiful bride in the world/ Look at her now.” Is there something more beautiful than this?

Con Te Partiro (Instrumental)

This is a very famous Italian song sung by Andrea Bocelli. It is a nice choice for a bride looking for a beautiful and contemporary instrumental piece. The song became an international hit. The English translation of the title is “Time To Say Goodbye”. This is not quite suitable for a wedding atmosphere, but wedding music central made a lush instrumental of the music adding a nice acoustical guitar to replace the vocals.

Enter the site and give a listen to these lovely songs. You will find a lot of surprises there!

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