All You Need To Know About Wedding Withdrawal

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You spent your whole time planning your perfect wedding day. The only things you could talk and think about were wedding related: to do lists, your beautiful wedding dress, the flowers, the food, the maids of honor’s dresses, the location… For months you were the center of everyone’s attention; after all, you were the bride. Everything was about you, about your desires and what other people could do to make you happy. What about now, that your wedding day is over? Nothing really happens. No more trying on wedding dresses, no more bridal showers and parties, no more people asking you about your plans for your wedding day. Miss it already?!


It is quite common for newlyweds to feel a little blue after their big day and it has nothing to do with marriage-related unhappiness, but because all the rush of planning and thinking about one of the biggest moments in their lives is now over. Relax, take a deep breath and read on about some of the best tips which will help you deal with your wedding withdrawal.

Find yourself a hobby.

Try to find a new project. If, for the past months, your only focus was your wedding day and planning it kept you really busy, you could try to get over your post-wedding blues by finding a new hobby that will distract you. Read that book you always wanted to read, but you never had the time, go to those dancing lessons, find some DIY projects and create decorations for your house, start writing in a journal. You can find lots of activities which will keep you busy and will free your mind.

Just stop talking about it.

We bet your wedding day was really awesome and your guest had lots of fun for sure, but it might be a good idea to stop talking so much about your big event before your friends get tired of listening to you and starting rolling their eyes. Everyone you know is really happy for you and your partner, but babbling about wedding details over and over again, weeks after the big event happened can be a bit upsetting. Focus on other subjects. We are sure you are going to find really interesting and fun topics to discuss with your friends; after all, you share plenty of memories besides your wedding day.

Save your wedding dress.

Keeping your wedding dress and the accessories you wore on your wedding day is actually a good idea. It will give you a great feeling to know these items are kept save and that you can admire them from time to time, when you want to remember the day you tied the knot. And who knows, maybe your daughter will want to wear them on her wedding day as well. Your dress and accessories might be your daughter’s something old or borrowed.

Print out photos. Make an album.

Nowadays, everything is digitalized and it is most likely that you are going to have all your wedding pictures in a digital form. Since you are not busy with wedding planning, you can find the time to choose some of your favorite pictures from your wedding ceremony and reception. Print them out and make a beautiful album. You will probably have hundreds of pictures, therefore this project promises to keep you focused for a while. The album can be a really beautiful present for your parents or your in-laws.

Go to the gym.

All brides go through the “I need to lose weight before my wedding day” phase. Your wedding day was the perfect motivation to lose some weight or adopt a healthy lifestyle. Why stop there? You can still be healthy and in shape without necessarily wearing a beautiful white dress with a veil. Don’t hurry in cancelling your gym subscription. Exercising can help you relieve the stress, it will keep you busy, will boost your self-confidence and will energize you as never before.

Plan a getaway weekend with your bridesmaids.

If, before the event, you spent lots of time with your girlfriends, now that everything is over, everyone returned to their usual lives and activities. You might not see them as often as you’d like to. In this case, it would be a great idea to plan a getaway weekend with your bridesmaids. Go to a spa resort, to the beach or other places you all love and spend some quality time together.

Stay positive and focus on your future.

Even if nostalgia is a normal feeling that we all experience multiple times through our lives, being nostalgic immediately after your wedding day might make you feel unhappy. Try to focus on the positive things that happen in your married life. Spend your time with your loved one, create memories, enjoy these unforgettable moments, be excited that you are going to spend the rest of your life next to the person you love the most in the whole world.

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