Nature Wedding Cakes

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Everyone laughed once in lifetime of those hilarious images or clips with wedding cakes falling, melting, thrown by guests, trampled upon by natural causes or simply ruined by different reasons. But we laughed and enjoyed those scenes because they were part of somebody else’s wedding day, so it was amusing.

But what if it could happen to us? Wouldn’t then be a very painful and teary moment in our lives? We’re sure that you’ve seen many brides crying for their big special wedding day gotten ruined because of the cake. So, let’s just simply ask you the question: do you know how to avoid disaster wedding cakes? Do you know what a disaster wedding cake is? How could your wedding cake fall up in your lap or get ruined during your wedding day? What are the main explanations why wedding cake fall or escape a certain control?

When it comes to spending a lot of money on a creative, whimsical, intricate and rich ornate wedding cake, the disaster is even bigger, a true catastrophe in fact! Well, to help you get prepared for the worst case scenario, here are a couple of advices and aspects that you have to take into account when purchasing or dealing with your wedding cake. The first thing that you can do in this matter is to hire a professional baker who can provide you with safeguard equipment for your wedding cake, or you can simply buy one.

But to avoid a melting or a falling wedding cake moment, you can simply discuss with a specialized baker or cake maker who can tell you about the most unsuitable flavors or designs that can simply ruin your wedding cake. Before you start thinking of a certain flavor-scheme and shape for your wedding cake, ask a professional what are the safest ingredients and designs that can keep your wedding cake fresh and safe during the wedding.

A certain wedding cake disaster is definitely that nature wedding cake ruined by environmental elements like cats, dogs, insects, pests, mosquitoes, bees, ants, birds or ay other intruder flying insect or animal that can simply eat or destroy your wedding cake entirely. This case is available only for those nature weddings spend usually outdoors, in the middle of a natural environment. Stay away from those butter-cream wedding cakes used for summer outdoor weddings because it cam simply melt under the sun in two steps.

A windy weather can also damage your wedding cake by bringing unpleasant leaves, brunches, dust, grass stains and so on. To avoid any of these insect or animal stamp or mark you can get a screened tent that can protect your nature wedding cake form any outside factors. You can simply rent one for the wedding cake because in other cases is disposable.

If the wedding is more elegant, sophisticated, refined and pretentious, have an umbrella with a dainty mini fence surrounding the cake to keep it away from the hot sunrays that can simply melt your wedding cake down or protect it from insects. But if you aren’t really pleased with any of these safety measures, and you don’t want to hire someone to guard your wedding cake and hunt down the bees, have your wedding cake reception indoors.11

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