Natural Hair Styles To Wear To A Wedding

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Making plans for a wedding is fun, especially for the bride-to-be. She started envisioning her bridal look long before she even got engaged. This is how women do, they are so anxious about their big day that they fantasize about it ever since they are small girls. It is an exciting experience for a woman to doll her up for the upcoming wedding ceremony. There are many tricks and tips you can use to obtain a spectacular look. But our experts in field have a different opinion. They think that a woman should not make many changes for her wedding look, but try to stay true to her natural style.

There is no need to cross the line and opt for a sophisticated hairdo and bold make-up that will make your groom not recognize you! It’s not proper etiquette to follow this type of transformation. Modern brides prefer the natural style for their big day. And when we say this we refer especially to the make-up and hairstyle part. You can be sure that your guy wishes to see you on your wedding day and not a pompous lady that he barely recognizes. Don’t wear too much makeup and don’t fix your hair in a very intricate way. Keep it simple if you want to look beautiful and still feel like yourself.

Natural Hair Styles To Wear To A Wedding

Natural Hair Styles To Wear To A Wedding (Photo by: latteda)

This is your most important day, so don’t spoil by looking and feeling too stiff. Not all women are into fancy hairdos and complex make-ups. We’re even happier to hear that it has become a trend to behave more naturally as a modern bride. Who said that you can’t look elegant and unique while staying true to your real style? You have many options when it comes to natural hairdos to choose from for your ceremonies. If you want something really special, go for a medieval wedding hairstyle. Brides during this era were not extravagant, but very natural and simple. They used to wear their hair in natural loose curls. This was a soft way of adorning themselves for their wedding.

Flowers were often worn during the ceremony. They were pinned around a hair crown or flowing down the hair at the back. Our fashion designers find a lot of inspiration in medieval time brides at this chapter. Medieval brides were and looked very feminine and romantic. But if you prefer a modern look, choose for instance a half up, half down hairdo. This style is available for brides of different hair lengths. You can wear it sleek and straight or with soft waves. Low chignons and down dos can also help you stay natural and true to your personal style. Wear your hair in braids for a more rustic appearance.


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