Mystic topaz wedding ring sets

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The vast range of precious and semi-precious gemstones that one can find on the market for wedding rings can help each type of bride and groom to find their dream wedding ring.
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And since uniqueness is the main word of the day, a gemstone wedding ring that can be found at affordable prices might be the thing for you. Many happy couples of the moment are interested in wearing a rare wedding ring that can be purchased at a lower price. In a words, they all want originality and reasonability when it comes to the wedding ring budget that in many cases is not very generous and tolerant with the couple’s wishes and dreams.

One of the most attractive, inspiring, unique and still inexpensive type of gemstone that one can choose for a wedding ring set is the mystic topaz. This type of topaz is one of the newest types of semi precious gem that appeared on the wedding ring market or jewelry market in general. You should not confound the real popular colorless topaz with the mystic topaz which is actually a treated gemstone that wasn’t actually found in a mine or something.

One should know that this type of topaz is actually created by simply adding a layer of titanium or any other metal that comes close to titanium over the colorless natural topaz or the blue topaz in order to create an iridescent stone that features a rainbow color effect.

A mystic topaz wedding ring can be found in a very unusual and attractive mixture of blue, yellow, green and red. Due to this special aspect, a mystic topaz wedding ring set can be the perfect choice for couples looking for a truly unique wedding ring. One can opt for this type of ring instead of crossing the line and going too unconventional or too outrageous.

The mystic topaz wedding ring set can be suitable for both traditionalist and modern couples, depending on the metal used for the band and the general pattern or design of the band. You can find lower carat white gold mystic topaz wedding ring sets, yellow gold mystic topaz wedding ring sets or silver mystic topaz wedding ring sets while a platinum mystic topaz wedding ring set is harder to find due to its expensive texture and durability.

The mystic topaz stone can be cut in various shapes: emerald cut, princess cut, round cut, marquise, etc. Although these rings are rarer, the cost of a mystic topaz wedding ring set is actually less expensive than any other type of gemstone wedding ring. Nevertheless, a mystic topaz wedding ring set should be well taken care of, because the stone is not that durable and resistant to blows or any other powerful impacts. This type of stone should be maintained “alive” using the same methods as for pearl jewelries.11

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