Motocross Wedding Cakes

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In this whole wide world there are as many types of wedding themes as there are couples. In their turn couples, when it comes to their wedding, have as many different ideas as they have hobbies, or traditions, or religious beliefs. To many wedding couples, weddings have to have a theme, a symbol that being marked in the image of the wedding ceremony reflects their intentions, their hobbies, their way of understanding what the meaning of marriage stands for.

As it was the case with one of my friends; her future hubby was a motocross fan, in fact he even took part in so many motocross races that he ended up by winning some regional trophies which he proudly displayed in his living room space. I mean, you know the spot, on top of the fireplace, where everybody can see and wonder at his skillfulness. His girl friend, my friend, was also into this kind of sport, and they had made a promise that as soon as they were done with the wedding and all they would start saving money to buy her a motocross bike.

motocross-wedding-cakes1Now the moment had come for them to decide on their wedding theme and what do you think, what was their most favored theme? You got it: a motocross one. It wasn’t too hard to guess, right? Only that the hard problems were just about to come; they didn’t have enough money to afford paying a wedding planner, so organizing the wedding was entirely up to them. I offered to help whenever they thought they would need a helping hand, and it proved they needed more often than I was ever expecting. But I didn’t mind, I had all the time in the world, as long as I had a job that allowed me to move all the time on the Internet’s websites, and this job to be done from the coziness of my home.

So during the day I was doing the research and in the evening after they came back from work I showed them what I had found and after that they selected the options which suited them better. Lucky me that I knew them well enough in order to give my research the best of its results and for them not to waste too much time in deciding. We got along pretty fast and well with the elements for their wedding ceremony, but when it came to the motocross wedding cake we got stuck.

In those times there weren’t too many types to be found, being more specific 2 (two), but I was pretty sure that with the professionalism of the bakers, it wouldn’t have been much of a problem to create a wedding cake of that sort. The two wedding cakes that I had found didn’t reveal themselves as something original and very creative; in fact they represented the first one as a motor biker design that decorated an iced cake and the other one a glassy cake topper representing a biker and his pair on a motocross bike.

And suddenly I came up with the idea to recreate a race track made of plastic threads that connected three or more cakes one of which to have as a topper a replica of one of his winning trophy. My idea winked at them and the next day they drew a picture of what they wanted to have and presented it to the baker. It ended up being the sensation of the wedding reception, go figure!11

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