Mother Son Songs

Wedding Party | August 13 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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The first dance and the father-daughter dance are not the only wedding dances in need of a special song. The mother-son dance needs to be as special, so when choosing songs for your wedding’s reception you will have to keep it in mind and make sure you choose for it an option with an interesting message that is also fun and easy to dance on. As expected, it’s best to choose for this wedding dance a song that means something to both the groom and his mother. It can be a song that the two have been dancing together ever since the groom was a little boy or a song that over the years they have come to associate with a certain special event in their lives. Also wise is to start putting together a list of possible options after considering the artists that both the groom and his mother like or the concerts that they’ve attended together. If the groom wants to bring in the attention of the guests his happy childhood, he should also ask his mother if she would mind dancing on a song from Aladdin, for instance. These are factors that you should definitely consider if you want your mother-son wedding dance to be a highlight of your wedding. To help you even more I have actually come up with a few examples of songs that are suitable for a mother-son wedding dance.

Mother Son Songs

Mother Son Songs (Photo by: Jack)

If you want the dance to be above all sentimental, then you should consider songs with an emotional message such as Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine of My Life”. This is a song that a groom should choose especially if his mother has always been there to support him through the toughest events of his life. If you want the song you choose to be all about the past that you share, you should definitely choose an option like “Memories” by Elvis Presley. Another interesting option that I would definitely use, especially if your mother is always the soul of every party and celebration, is Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young”. Before choosing one of these songs for the mother-son wedding dance you should consult with your mother unless you want to surprise her with a song that’s known to be her favorite.


The country genre also has in store some mother-son wedding dance options that you should definitely consider. This genre is many times forgotten by couples choosing wedding music but it shouldn’t be dismissed because at least when it comes to the mother-son dance it can definitely provide some interesting songs that focus on the special relationship between parents and children. For instance, you should consider “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill and a Kenny Rogers song known as “Through The Years”.

Mother Son Songs

Mother Son Songs (Photo by: Greg Walters)

If you don’t like the idea of using country music but you don’t want the mother-son dance to be sentimental either you should consider a more unconventional approach. I am actually suggesting classic rock songs like ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” that will definitely help you turn the mother-son dance into a memorable event.


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