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When it comes about your wedding, nothing seems to be special enough. You want your wedding to be like you always dreamed of, to be like no other.
Decorations for the wedding hall can mean hospitality, atmosphere, personality, elegance. The events hall can also be decorated in order to create a sense of intimacy. You can choose a specific theme to decorate it. You can use colorful fresh flowers, beautiful candles, ribbons, special lights, drapery but you will have to use them creatively.
Candles are a really good option for decorating; they can be of different colors and shapes giving this way a sophisticated look, and also leaving a feeling of warmth and love. For tables, you can use a crystal bowl with floating candles because they can be very impressive; if you want this arrangement on every table you will have to make them look the same or to use colors like you used for the hall decoration.

I know, the preparations takes you a lot of the time, maybe even all the time but do not forget that you will have to think also of the wedding gown model, the dress you will wear in the most important day of your life. I am sure you thought since long ago how the model should be but of course, now, when the time has come, I bet you can not decide on it, on the model. I will make some suggestions bellow, maybe it will help you to take a decision.

Surely, you will have to be “guided” by your own body because .. every woman has a part of the body which she wants to hide, and some parts which puts her in advantage. Unfortunately, it does not happen all the time that the bride to find the dress she wants or if she finds it there are big chances that it will not fit perfectly on her body. On the other hand, the changes to a wedding dress costs a lot and the results may not be as expectations.

Anyway, looking for wedding dresses, traditional dresses and in the same time original, I found Mori Lee, the known and award winning designer of wedding gowns, which he is a symbol of elegance. Wedding dresses with hand sewn crystals and cut intelligently so it will come perfectly, these dresses will transmit the freedom and the good taste feeling, they will make each woman shine in the most important day of her life.

Mori Lee reflects the passion for the materials and for details but also the desire to make a perfect wedding gown for every future bride. Like I said above, I selected some pictures of 5 beautiful wedding gowns by Mori Lee, but you can find the all collections of this famous wedding dress designer, like Bridal Collections, Voyage, etc, at


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