Monogram Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations | February 21 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Monogram themed weddings have been a trend in the area of wedding organizing, nowadays the habit of sending monogram wedding invitations and monograms to decorate the topper of the wedding cakes being the only ones left as a way to plan your wedding celebration. If you have decided to create your own wedding cards and use the monogram graphic in the design of your wedding cards, then you have to consider that normally the bride’s initial goes the first one in the design followed by the one of the groom’s.

In this way you can have the same monogram replicated as the topper of your wedding cake, giving the note of a cycled event in that you start with the monogram in the beginning act of your wedding celebration and ending it up with the final act of the wedding celebration – the wedding cake. If you are the DIY kind of person you can choose to have a monogram using PowerPoint or Microsoft Word in the process of your wedding invitation creation. In case you do not find these two satisfactory enough and you are still handy with the use of Photoshop or Illustrator, then utilizing one of these could get you also to obtain the form of monogram you are in search of.


The usage of these programs is a good source of inspiration as long as the letter fonts available on the programs can guide you through the entire chain of choices, displaying options that can relate very well to the ones you need in creating your monogram wedding invitations. According to the cards you send to your family and guests you can choose to have in the same envelope the wedding invitation itself next to the RSVP card and the save the day card, in this case the choice could be a capital D monogram as a background of your initials to remind your guests about your wedding day.

Another choice, but at the same time a very time consuming one, is the sewing of your monograms on the silk ribbons that could be contained in the aspect of your invitation cards. You can also order for metallic monograms to be the ones to pin the bows of your silk-made ribbons that are supposed to tie up the envelope you send or to be simply included as a bow format in the design of your card. Using ribbons as decorative accessory beside the one of the monograms is also a good choice to confer your wedding invitations the look of one-of-a-kind type of wedding card.


Having your invitations personalized is a manner that many couples choose in their quest of printing their special cards with the style of who they are, of what they believe in and what this event means to them. Monogramming the wedding invitations is indeed an old fashion style, but the more imaginative the art of monogramming is, the more attention a couple could get regarding their guests attendance. It is not at all a bad idea to have the envelopes stamped too with your monograms, in this way you can be the creator of a style that focus on you and on your biggest event of your life.11

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