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Wedding Dresses | February 11 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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Designer wedding dresses have always been a delightful experience for many brides who decided they want to go fashionable, ultra elegant and modern on their wedding day. And now that the industry of wedding dresses is continuously expanding with every new design and style that appears it seems that more and more women of today are willing to make the compromise or the beautiful commitment to a bridal couturier wedding gown.


Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an haute couture wedding dress, but perhaps the disadvantages come only from the fact that these types of dresses are usually more expensive and in most cases totally unaffordable for many brides or couples. However, we know that there are many women out there who are willing to make sacrifices in order to be able to afford the dress of their dreams although the price tag might simply exceed their wedding budget. In our opinion, there is nothing to lose when it comes to purchasing and wearing a designer wedding dress, except for the money you spend on it.

Yes, but the modern bride is aware of the fact that she must be ready and willing to invest more money in her bridal look in case she wants to make a statement at the wedding and surprise everyone else with a magnificent and spectacular appearance. Well, for this article we thought to present you a few gorgeous and stylish Mon Cheri wedding dresses that were made for a wonderful classy and chic 2011 bridal collection which was dedicated from the beginning to contemporary brides who are planning a more romantic, coquette, dandy and high class wedding.

The entire collection is following a simple and clean line, where the exquisite cuts and designs meet perfectly the nonchalance and the refinement of the embellishments. We would personally recommend these pieces to all brides of the moment who are interested in wearing something formal, decent and yet a bit more extravagant and artistically classy.

There is absolutely no doubt that these gowns here were meant to fit and flatter especially the formal bride who is planning a 100% elegant, sincere, unique and stylish look. Perhaps these pieces here can also be worn by the brides who are planning a more casual, cozy and simplistic wedding ceremony and reception perhaps in the middle of the nature or indoors. However, despite the simple, clean and plain lines, we must admit the fact that this designer’s dress masterpieces truly look refined, delicate and sophisticated! And this is due to the fact that these gowns were made with a fabulous care and attention to details and embroideries.

We are looking forward to see your reactions and responses to these special Mon Cheri wedding dresses we’re proposing you for this article hopefully the pictures we’ve selected will help you make yourself an overall image and impression on what this couturier’s style is. You will look dazzling, appealing and also natural, innocent and very feminine in one of these precious fashionable wedding gowns!11

1 Comment

  1. andie

    February 08, 2011 at 7:59 am

    Unlike other dresses I’ve seen, these ones here are quite wearable, in the sense that they are almost traditional in line, pretty simple – with few exceptions- and still elegant and nice. The embroideries seem subtle and the dresses quite light-weighted. I could wear one of this, as they match me quite a lot. Moreover, they are so chic and fit for almost any type of figure. I also like the beading work and the appliques, although, as I’ve said, I’d go for a simpler design. Something like the first dress that I can see in full. the embroidery is delicate, while the skirt is simple and the train is not very long. An the fabric is fluid and soft. Really nice dress and in fact nice dresses all.

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