Model Novias Wedding Dresses II

Wedding Dresses | September 20 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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This is the second time we’re posting Model Novias wedding dresses on our website hopefully this time around we will manage to attract more admiring glances and positive remarks or appreciations on these fascinating and radically unique styles promoted by this designer. We personally believe that these gowns here are very powerful, imposing and electrifying and this is why we would recommend them only to off the beat brides of today who are ready and willing to adopt and assume a more provocative, daring and edgy outfit for their wedding day.


Among all the styles promoted in this fabulous and highly fashionable 2011 bridal collection we must recognize that we love the pure white diaphanous or form-fitted silhouettes that look incredibly feminine, delicate and refined. They can make any bride who wants something chic and contemporary for her own wedding feel pleased and delighted with her choice.

There is no doubt that these sensational styles promoted by this couturier are 100% original, voguish and totally eye-catchy. They can fit and flatter not only the brides-to-be who are interested in wearing something more attractive, outstanding and bold, but also for those who are planning a gorgeous whimsically romantic themed wedding.

There is something strange and unusual but in a good way about these Model Novias wedding dresses here. As we said in other article, the blue accents incorporated through waist bands and sashes in some of these gowns are the elements that make these dresses look so hot and trendy! The headpieces are also incredibly fashionable and artistic, providing the bride with a whole new coquette and distinctive look that is neither too traditional neither outrageous or vanguardist.

This collection is diversified and rich in models and designs – one more beautiful and charming than the other. The white silhouettes are plain, form-fitted and sleek following the line of the body,or diaphanous, voluminous and ample but in a delicate and soft light way. The voluminous silhouettes look so enchanting, feminine and adorable because they are made of breezy light-weight fabrics that are also able to provide the bride with a comfortable and practical feel.

Besides these meticulous and fashionable modern white Model Novias wedding dresses you can also find lots of colorful designs made especially for the night party or for those of you who are planning a bold themed wedding. We must say we are fascinated with the colors used by this designer for most of these form-fitted sensual evening –like gowns: black and white, mauve, cream or beige.

For evening receptions or for a cocktail party these seductive Model Novias wedding dresses can make magical and original choices. We invite you to browse for the other article written on this subject on our website where you will get the chance to admire and examine closely more various styles and designs created by Model Novias for the year 2011. We ask you now kindly to write us a few remarks or opinions on these ravishing gowns we’ve presented you here in order to see whether we should bring more of these styles on our website any time soon!11

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  1. June

    February 23, 2011 at 10:24 am

    I’m in a big trouble this year. I have to attend a very important wedding and I want to look astonishing there. I need to do it, it’s very important that I do it. And a little after that I have to say my own vows. So I need two hot dresses for these two weddings. I’ve looked for a lot of designs lately and from what I’ve seen I finally got it that the style I like and it would fit me is that of Novias. So I turned to this article because here I found the two dresses i wwas looking for. The first one from the top is clearly made for my wedding day, so fluid and wavy and comfortable. And the second is just what I was looking for for the other wedding I am going to attend. A big thanks for you.

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